Noblesse - Episode 11 Recap

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A flashback shows Lord Raskreia before she was a lord when her father was still alive. At this time, she was mentored by Gejutel. Back in the present Lord Raskreia questions Seira on whether Gejutel was lying in his report or not. Seira doesn’t reply, and Lord Raskreia uses her mental powers to force the answer from her. Seira withstands this technique at great pain to herself. Finally, Lord Raskreia stops and has Seira thrown in a prison cell, much like Gejutel.

Franken, Regis and Rai make their way to Lukedonia on a private jet. Regis worries that the modified humans left behind may be attacked by Union while they’re gone, but Franken says it’s not a problem because he gave them a drug called T2 that will enhance their power. When the three arrive to Lukedonia airspace, they ditch their jet by jumping out of it and let it crash in the water.

Back in the castle, the clan leaders discuss what has transpired. They’re troubled that Gejutel and Seira could possibly be disloyal to Lord Raskreia. They’re also concerned with how the lord is handling the matter emotionally, having been raised by Gejutel.

Now on land, the three walk to Rai’s old mansion. Being in the area spooks Regis as it’s located in what the Forbidden Region. This fact doesn’t bother Franken and Rai, however. Once in the mansion, Rai finds his Soul Weapon, Ragnarok, which has been sealed away all this time. 

As Rai and Franken fetch the weapon, Regis keeps watch outside. He notices the Central Order of Knights scouting the area. To stop them from reporting back to Lord Raskreia, Regis tries to knock them all out but gets outnumbered. Suddenly, M-21, Takio, and Tao swoop in to help him. They defeat all the knights, and Tao has come up with a new team - RK4, Raizel’s Knights 4.

Franken asks RK4 why they’re there. They explain they secretly snuck on the plane and also had to jump when it was ditched. They vowed to protect Rai, and Rai accepts.

Meanwhile, Lord Raskreia learns that there are intruders now in the area and deduces it’s Rai’s team. She also concludes that Gejutel has been lying and is a traitor. She considers forcing him to eternal sleep, but the clan leaders humbly request that she spare him, as they were all raised by Gejutel. She agrees, as long as he confesses the truth.

Lord Raskreia makes her way to Gejutel’s prison cell.  As she walks there, she remembers when she overheard her father offer lordship directly to Rai. After all of her hardwork to make her father proud, she was  devastated by this. 

At Gejutel’s cell, he finally admits to having seen Rai. But feeling shame for his criminal act, Gejutel requests he be put to eternal sleep. Lord Raskreia is angered and proclaims that very punishment to the clan leaders. Seira, in her cell, overhears the punishment, and breaks out.

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