Noblesse - Episode 12 Recap

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Picking up right after the events of the previous episode, RK4 begins its assault on Lord Raskreia’s castle. Rael intercepts them before they can reach it, but just as he’s about to go toe-to-toe with Regis, M-21 butts in. The modified humans hold off Rael so that Regis can move forward in the rescue mission, with the new intel on Gejutel’s impending forced eternal sleep and Seira’s confinement. At the same time, Seira, who has broken out of her prison cell, rushes to save Gejutel and is stopped by the clan leader Rozaria. The two start blasting at each other, eventually doing battle with their Soul Weapons.

Regis is then cut off from the castle by another clan leader - Karias. The two aren’t thrilled to fight each other, as Karias has been like a big brother to Regis. If Regis can even at least graze Karias, he promises to let him pass. Regis does his best but is no match for Karias and gets pummeled and worn out. Eventually, Karias holds up the defeated Regis’ body when it looks like he’s nearly knocked out, but Regis uses this chance to sneakily tap Karias with his fist!

Meanwhile, the modified humans do their best to defeat Rael. All three of them take T2, the drug made by Franken, to enhance their power. But even with the drug, they are defeated by Rael when he uses his Soul Weapon. Finally, Rael’s brother, Rajak, intervenes to finish things and scold Rael. At the same moment, Franken steps in to fight for RK4’s side. Rajak takes out his soul weapon and Franken unleashes his Dark Sphere, revealing to the Kertia brothers that he fought their father Ragar back in the day. Unlike Rael, Rajak fights against Franken honorably. Franken mentions to him that he resembles his father.

Seira did not fare as well as Franken in her fight. She is defeated by Rozaria, shackled, and taken in front of the lord next to Gejutel. The lord proclaims that she will also face eternal sleep for her traitorous actions. But Gejutel finally speaks, both to defend Seira and to redirect the lord’s ire towards him. He reveals to the clan leaders that Raskreia wants Rai dead because she was jealous of her father choosing Rai over her as the next lord. This triggers the lord. She summons her soul weapon, Ragnarok, to put an end to Gejutel. But just then, Rai enters the room!

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