Noblesse - Episode 13 Recap

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The season finale picks up right where the last episode left off. Rai enters the throne room to rescue Gejutel and Seira! Seen as a traitor, the clan leaders Kei, Ludis, and Rozaria each attack Rai. First, they fight one at a time. When that fails, they all attack him at once. Neither is effective, even when the clan leaders use their Soul Weapons. Rai’s telekinetic and mind control abilities easily subdue them. 

Eventually, Lord Raskreia orders them to stop. She claims that she will be the one to defeat Raizel. But even as the lord, her impressive power is unable to overcome Rai. Raskreia is able to use Blood Field and the Ragnarok Soul Weapon, just as Rai can. But she does not unleash her power fully. Rai asks why she doesn’t, stating it is the only way she will ever harm him. She goes all out, but Rai is still able to cancel out her Blood Field. After this, she slumps down in despair, feeling she has lost to Rai all over again. Kei, Ludis and Rozaria quickly come to her side to encourage her. Even though they’re no match for Rai, they never give up trying to beat him, proving how loyal they are to Lord Raskreia. Seeing her loyal servants like this, she snaps out of it and again unleashes Blood Field, this time causing a cut on Rai’s face.

Both Rai and Raskreia collapse exhausted, caught by their respective servants. Franken arrives just in time to catch Rai. Believing she has lost, she accepts her death and bows to Rai. Rai summons his Ragnarok, not to kill Raskreia, but for the two versions of Ragnarok to join together. A projection of the previous lord is produced by this. The projection explains what really happened all those years ago.

The previous lord admired humans for doing all they could with their short lives. He decided to be like them and end his own life through eternal sleep. He was joined by the previous clan leaders in death, save for Gejutel. He requested Gejutel remain alive to look after the next generation of clan leaders. The reason Raskreia’s father didn’t reveal this before he died is because he couldn’t bear to say goodbye to his daughter. 

The new clan leaders, especially Raskreia, were devastated by so much loss. A rumor began that Rai was the murderer of the previous lord and the clan leaders. Having a common enemy in Rai spurred Raskreia and the clan leaders to come together and be strong again.

For keeping this a secret all this time, Gejutel was prepared to die as punishment. But Raskreia forgave him and freed him from his shackles.

The modified humans in RK4 healed from their wounds and returned to Japan with Franken. Seira and Regis went with them to continue their studies. And with Raskreia and Rai finally reconciled, Rai went back to Japan as well.

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