Original TV anime “Tokyo Twenty Fourth Ward” Broadcast in January 2022! It features Enoki Junya, Uchida Yuuma, and Ishikawa Kaito!

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It was revealed that the original TV anime "Tokyo Twenty Fourth Ward" will be broadcast in January 2022. This anime is directed by Tsuda Naokatsu (known for "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" series) and produced by CloverWorks (known for "Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front - Babylonia"). The teaser visual and PV have been released together with the announcement of Enoki Junya, Uchida Yuuma, and Ishikawa Kaito as the cast members.

The original anime "Tokyo Twenty Fourth Ward" has Tsuda Naokatsu as the director, Nitro Plus's Shimokura Vio as the story composition & scripts of an anime, which is his first challenge, and CloverWorks (known for "Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front - Babylonia") as the production.

The story takes place in the artificial island "Far East Special District" commonly known as "Twenty Fourth Ward" that appeared at the Tokyo Bay, and it depicts the youth suspense story of the three childhood friends that were born and live there, Shuuta, Ran, and Kouki as they are urged to choose the irreversible choices.

The teaser visual depicts the key characters, Aoi Shuuta, Akagi Ran, and Suidou Kouki that are illustrated by FiFS (Sogabe Shuuji, Nono Kanako), the original character design while the teaser PV features the voice of Enoki Junya as Shuuta, Uchida Yuuma as Ran, and Ishikawa Kaito as Kouki.

Also, the special program "TV Anime 'Tokyo Twenty Fourth Ward' Broadcast Commemoration Special Program ~Witness the future of the Twenty Fourth Ward!~" featuring Enoki, Uchida, and Ishikawa, will be broadcast on November 24, on "ABEMA". The timing will be announced on a later date, so please look forward to the future announcements.

<Below are the full comments>

【Director: Tsuda Naokatsu】

As this is an original anime, I wanted to produce it for "Those who have lingering over their youth and those who are feeling gloomy at the current state and affairs". Actually, I felt that I didn't enjoy my youth fully... So, I decided to face this struggle with the kind staff. I hope you will enjoy it!

【Story Composition, Script: Shimokura Vio (Nitro Plus)】

Up until now, I only handled the scenario for games, but I am finally able to show everyone the anime that I am genuinely involved in for the first time. I had also experienced quite a stimulating work as the story was created while having the heated argument with the staff, so I hope you can watch over the future of the Twenty Four Ward!

【Original Character Design: FiFS (Sogabe Shuuji, Nono Kanako)】

This is our first involvement in an original anime! We believe that the reason for us being selected is due to our result so far, but I believe that the design has ended up something quite stimulating and challenging as we wanted to response to the workplace that has strong opinions and thoughts toward this work. So, please look forward to it!

【Music: Fukasawa Hideyuki】

The characters are running freely in this world setting that is close to reality despite being a science fiction work. The resolutions and beliefs of the three characters are intertwined in this mysterious story... and there are also various challenges and adventures faced for the music as well. It makes me want to watch it immediately! I hope you would enjoy it!

【Enoki Junya, voice of Aoi Shuuta】

Despite being a work filled with various mysteries, it featured quite tremendous action scenes, so it can be enjoyed in terms of the visual and story. I hope you can enjoy the uniqueness of an original anime, where the developments can't be predicted. So, please enjoy "Tokyo Twenty Fourth Ward"!

【Uchida Yuuma, voice of Akagi Ran】

I'm Uchida Yuuma as the voice of Akagi Ran of "Tokyo Twenty Fourth Ward". They are faced with various choices in this work, and the results of that are... I had enjoyed the recording while predicting the future developments. Ran is an artistic and stimulating character , so do check out the choices that he will make! I hope you could watch "Tokyo Twenty Fourth Ward". Thank you for your support!

【Ishikawa Kaito, voice of Suidou Kouki】

I'm Ishikawa Kaito as the voice of Suidou Kouki. As this is a completely original anime, I'm looking forward to the developments since the audition. I'm also looking forward to the thoughts of the audiences as this work features a difficult theme of the irreversible choices. I will be voicing the character while thinking about the choice that I would make personally. So, please look forward to it.

Original TV Anime "Tokyo Twenty Fourth Ward"

Broadcast in January 2022


Director: Tsuda Naokatsu

Story Composition, Script: Shimokura Vio (Nitro Plus)

Original Character Design: FiFS (Sogabe Shuuji, Nono Kanako)

Character Design: Kishida Takahiro

Music: Fukasawa Hideyuki

Production: CloverWorks


Aoi Shuuta: Enoki Junya

Akagi Ran: Uchida Yuuma

Suidou Kouki: Ishikawa Kaito

(C) Team24/ Tokyo Twenty Fourth Ward Project
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