Platinum End - Episode 10 Review - Mirai Saves Mukaido, His Daughter and His Wife

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

This episode follows right after the end of Platinum End - Episode 9. Mukaido finds his wife and daughter tied up in a glass room. 

He runs into the room and the door shuts behind him, not opening again. He makes sure they’re okay and not controlled by Red Arrows. By the way, it’s a one-way glass. People from the outside can see in, but on the inside, it’s a reflective mirror surface, so you can’t see out. Hajime stands on top of the glass case, overhearing Mukaido’s wife say that she loves Mukaido. The concept is so foreign to Hajime that he gets distracted.

Mirai is able to sneak up/fly above Hajime and aim his White Arrow at him. Mirai even fires the White Arrow at Hajime! But Hajime sees it in time and flies off. This is part of Mirai’s plan. He didn’t want to actually kill Hajime, just scare him away so that he wouldn’t be a direct threat in this situation. At least not for a little while.

Metropoliman safely directs Hajime by earpiece from his hideout. With his direction, Metropoliman is able to come out and the two double team Mirai. Metropoliman then gives Mirai an ultimatum - if Mirai doesn’t flee, he’ll kill Mukaido with a White Arrow. 

Mirai does the only thing he can think of - he runs into the trap room himself! There he tells Mukaido to carry his wife. While he carries his daughter. And the two will fly non-stop inside the trap room so that they can’t be hit with any Arrows.

They want to use this time flying around to think of an escape strategy. That’s Mirai’s plan. Mukaido was too shook to come up with this.

Metropoliman goes back to his hideout, wanting to be cautious. He tells Hajime to disturb him only if they get tired and stop flying.

Mukaido and Mirai stop talking completely, so it seems like they vanished. Their plan is to cause Hajime and Metropoliman doubt that they’re still trapped in there. Metropoliman remains confident they’re stuck in there, but Hajime has his doubts. A whole day passes.

Meanwhile, Revel is in pain from trying to absorb too many knowledge orbs back in the church. Saki is feeling lost again, and even considers going to Mukaido and Mirai to help even though she doesn’t have wings.

Revel is so moved he cries. God appears to Revel and says this is the first time an angel has ever had empathy for a human. So now Revel ranks up as the Angel of Emotion! Becoming a first rank Angel, Saki now gets wings!

Revel and Saki fly to the scene of the trap room. Balta doesn’t interfere with her.

She shoots Hajime with a Red Arrow. Although he tries to resist and stay faithful to Metropoliman, eventually he falls in love with Saki!

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