Platinum End - Episode 9 Review - Hajime Wants to Be Metropoliman's Servant

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

This episode directly follows the tease we saw at the end of Platinum End - Episode 8. Some creepy Jojo-looking dude is threatening a private investigator with a sword. The PI was Red Arrow’d by Mukaido. Creepy Jojo guy is able to get that information out of him. And Jojo guy’s face gets even uglier and creepier when he smiles.

Meanwhile, Mirai, Saki and Mukaido are checking out the church they bought for the first time. Mukaido has finished making Saki’s suit and gives it to her to try on. Revel has to consume countless knowledge orbs to become the Angel of Knowledge, so that he can increase in rank and give Saki wings.

Saki shows off her new suit and Revel is kind of shook and embarrassed by it. It looks like a futuristic cat suit, but Mukaido explains the ears and tail serve functional design purposes.

The Red Arrow that used to be planted in the PI returns to Mukaido. He accepts it. Mukaido then jumps several conclusions in an instant, faster than I put together. Basically, if his Arrow came back, that means the guy he was using died, which means Metropoliman may have found the PI. And from the PI, learned Mukaido’s identity as a god candidate. And also learned of Mukaido’s family, which can be used against him.

So Mukaido and Mirai leave immediately to check on his family. Saki has no choice but to stay behind, as she still has no Wings. Sure enough, creepy Jojo guy is in front of the house. And Mukaido’s wife and child Nanaka are nowhere in sight. Mirai tries to fire a Red Arrow at the guy (wow, fighting for once!) but the creep flies away with Wings.

Then we get Jojo guy’s backstory. His name is Hajime Sokotani. He was born ugly and poor. And grew up to be even more ugly and poor. His mom killed himself. He was about to kill himself too when his First Rank angel Balta, Angel of Instinct, appeared for the first time. Offered him a chance to be a god candidate.

Hajime accepts, and uses his Red Arrow to make a girl he likes kiss him. But when he sees the reflection of him kissing, he’s grossed out by his appearance. And realizes it’s only possible through force.

He is inspired when he learns of Metropoliman, who he’s told is a hot guy. So he gets plastic surgery to look like a hot Jojo guy. Girls like him at first glance, but he lacks communication skills.

One of his plastic surgeons happens to know the person behind Metropoliman. Hajime uses this to contact Kanade at school. He promises to Kanade that he simply wants to be his servant. So Kanade puts him to the test - to find other god candidates and trap them. That’s why Hajime went after Mukaido.

Metropoliman contacts Mukaido and says where his family is being held. Mukaido’s pissed and storms to the scene to save his family!

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