Platinum End - Episode 8 Review - Saki Wants Mirai to Kill Her

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

This episode follows right after Platinum End - Episode 7. Saki’s friend is weirded out by Mirai following her, but Saki says there’s no problem. He’s just acting as a bodyguard.

Back at Saki’s home, Mukaido talks to Revel, asking why Saki lost all hope to live. He doesn’t know, but he did make her a god candidate to save her life. She was going to drown herself in the ocean when he saved her.

At Kanade’s school, Kanade’s friend Minamikawa sees that Kanade has bandages on his head. Earlier, he saw on the news that Metropoliman was injured in the head as well. And ugly girls were dying, right after ​​Minamikawa told him he wanted all ugly girls to disappear. So Minamikawa has figured out his identity, but chooses to act like everything is normal. Hmmm.

Mukaido, Saki and Mirai discuss what they know about Metropoliman at Saki’s room. They know he’s just a high school kid, so they’ll start looking for him.

Later that night, after Mukaido leaves, Saki requests that Mirai speak with her. Alone in her bed. Oh la la! She even makes Revel and Nasse leave.

Mukaido gets home. His wife asks where he goes every day. He kabedons her, and says he wants her to trust him that he’s fighting evil to protect their family.

Back in Saki’s bed, Saki confesses that she wants him to end her life. Mirai doesn’t understand - he thought they were allies both looking for happiness. But she feels that he’s just protecting her, and she’s not helping at all. And she says she doesn’t deserve friends.

Saki recalls how their two families hung out when they were little. Mirai even gave her a four-leaf clover with a yellow ladybug he found. Even though they promised to be friends forever, Saki joined in with the other kids who bullied him after his family died.

She wanted to apologize and give the clover back to him on the day of junior high graduation. But she saw him jump from the building. It scared her and she ran away instead of being there for him.

I don’t believe the guilt of bullying Mirai is a strong enough reason to want to end your life. I thought there was going to be more to it than that. That’s crappy writing. But whatever.

Mirai indulges in her request and uses his wings to hold Saki high above the ground. So she can die from falling. They both let go of each other, but then Saki grabs for his arm again. She realizes at that moment she doesn’t really want to die.

Saki is amazed by him. He says no apology is needed for the bullying. And earlier he said he’d rather be bullied than to bully others. She thanks him.

The next day, Saki is filled with enthusiasm to stop Metropoliman. Mukaido can tell she’s changed. And Saki will get her own wings, if Revel can rise in rank.

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