Platinum End - Episode 11 Review - Mirai's Team vs. Metropoliman's Team

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Platinum End - Episode 10, Hajime has totally fallen in love with Saki because she Red Arrow’d him.

On comms, Metropoliman asks Hajime what’s up. Hajime lies and says he just has to go to the bathroom so he has to take off his earpiece, because he’s shy.

Hajime secretly flies next to Saki to talk to her, confessing his love. She tells him to break out Mukaido and Mirai from the trap room. She says they’re important to her. And Hajime finally understands that concept. So Hajime starts slashing away at the glass ceiling of the room.

Metropoliman sees this on camera and asks WTF he’s doing. He soon realizes Hajime is Red Arrow’d and no longer wants to be Metropoliman’s servant. I hope creepy Hajime stays on the side of good until he (probably) dies. 

Anyways, MetroP flies over as fast as he can to kill Hajime. And he brings a whole team with him, psychos that MetroP gave wings to. These characters are Ryuji Bakamatsu, Yuito Susumu, and Fuyuko Kohinata.

So it’s those 4 against just Saki and Hajime at first, but because Hajime helped break through glass, Mukaido and Mirai escape. So 4 winged bad guys against 4 winged good guys. And the good guys each have an angel to assist (somehow) too.

First thing’s first. Getting Mukaido’s wife and his daughter Nanaka safely away from the battle. Metropoliman allows this. Saki flies each of them to their church base. There Saki reveals to Mukaido’s wife that she’s fighting because she believes God is punishing her for her past misdeeds (which aren’t even that bad).

Anyways, Saki flies back to the battle scene. She whispers a message to Mirai, that Revel earlier gave her while flying together from the church. They have some trick up their sleeve but we don’t know what. Also, Mukaido gives Nanaka a sweet hug goodbye.

Before the fight starts, Hajime vows to kill the enemies for Saki’s sake. Saki, Mirai and Mukaido shoot each other with Red Arrows so that they can’t be Red Arrow’d by the enemies. Also before the fight, Metropoliman promises not to run away if his side starts losing. Nasse even notes that he doesn’t seem to be lying.

The fight starts, with just the gun freak Bakumatsu fighting Hajime. Hajime is able to dodge all the crazy bullets. Saki and Mirai lock up Bakumatsu’s wings so that he can’t get away. And Hajime is able to slash at him, chopping off his arm. Bakumatsu flies away defeated.

Next up is Fuyuko. A slutty girl who’s in love with killing people with her viruses. She has a ridiculous virus container that she can activate with a button or if her heart stops. It will kill millions of people instantly! If they do what she says. If Mirai allows himself to be a guinea pig to the virus in needle form, she won’t kill millions. 

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