Platinum End - Episode 12 Review - Hajime Sacrifices Himself for Saki

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

This episode follows Platinum End - Episode 11. And it was not great. Not the payoff I was hoping for.

Mirai AKA Red is stuck in a bad situation. Either let himself become a guinea pig for a shot of the Fuyuko’s virus, or Metropoliman’s group will release the airborne version. Which is somehow supposed to be able to kill millions. Like, how the hell is it supposed to spread across the world? Someone should tell them that’s not how virus particles work. Anyways, the point is, she’s holding millions of lives hostage. Dumb, but okay.

Fuyuko tells Red’s team to throw their weapons away. Then there’s some crap moment where Saki is freaking out over Mirai who is about to die. Hajime holds her back. Mirai slowly makes his way closer to Fuyuko. Everyone is agonizing about how to make sure he doesn’t die, while also not killing millions of people.

Just as Fuyuko is about to puncture Mirai, he pulls his arm away from her. And close enough now, he stabs the virus ball (sto stupid) with his White Arrow. Which kills the virus because it was made of human cells. Okay, but how did he know that would even work?

Anyways, at this point, Mirai has captured Fuyuko by the hand. Mukaido says that Mirai has to kill her with a White Arrow. She can’t be allowed to escape as she has more virus stored somewhere. But Mirai struggles with himself to do the deed. Still not wanting to kill anyone. No wonder so many people hate this MC.

Mukaido pretends to fall to the ground because of overexertion. But really he fell to get his hands on Bakumatsu’s machine gun. He bluffs that he’s aiming at Metropoliman, to give Red’s side some leverage. In truth, he somehow doesn’t even have enough strength to pull the trigger.

Metropoliman shoots his White Arrow at Mirai and Fuyuko fires off her finger needles like darts at Mirai. A ridiculously slow slow-motion even begins. Saki shields Mirai, and the White Arrow stops attacking, as it was only meant to attack Mirai. But now the needles are about to hit Saki! And who’s in love with Saki? Hajime. He has enough time to grab his sword back, deflect two needles, and jump in front of the last needle.

Because of the virus, Hajime grossly melts away immediately. He says he’s happy to have been born after all, to save Saki. Ms. Cat Ears, as he calls her.

Thanks to creepy Hajime,  Fuyuko was stabbed through the chest. So that bitch dies, too. And Balta picks up Hajime’s soul and gives his Red Arrow and Wings to Saki.

Metropoliman calls them all idiots. And tries to make Mirai feel bad for leading to Hajime’s death, because he wasn’t willing to kill Fuyuko.

Mukaido seems like he’s about to die. Yuito flies away, feeling Metropoliman doesn’t care about him. And Mirai squares off against Metropoliman. 

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