Platinum End - Episode 4 Review - Metropoliman Kills More God Candidates

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Platinum End Episode 3, Metropoliman lands in the middle of the baseball stadium with everyone in the stands watching. Including Saki and Mirai. Metro Blue and Metro Yellow come out of nowhere - these are new God candidates just introduced to us. I’m a bit annoyed that it’s not explained how they’re all getting such sweet costumes, but they have angel wings that allow them to fly faster than sight, so they probably stole them easily.

Metro Blue tries to shoot Metropoliman with a Red Arrow, but it doesn’t work because he’s already affected by a Red Arrow. Meaning this Metropoliman is a fake, controlled by the real one.

The fake Metropoliman made a hero landing because the real one swooped down with his wings carrying the fake, and dropped him off. Too fast for anyone to see how it happened.

In a flashback, we learn the identities of Metro Blue and Metro Yellow - Hatakeyama and Tabuchi, respectively. They’re both losers who failed to get into the college they wanted. They were going to commit suicide when their first-rank angels appeared and gave them purpose. They promised to work together to defeat Metropoliman.

The real Metropoliman appears on the big-screen TV, and announces he won’t come to the stadium. Metro Blue threatens to beat out information from the fake Metropoliman to flush out the real one, but then another God candidate appears. She’s a little girl who only has Wings and no Arrows.

Metro Blue and Yellow agree to take her in since she agrees to be shot by their Red Arrow, but they’re too late. Metropoliman flies in and shoots her with his own Red Arrow. Then he flies off and hides again.

Metro Blue asks that any other God candidates reveal themselves and join forces with them to take down Metropoliman. Two people dressed as Metro Prink and Metro Green appear, saying they are candidates but only have Arrows, not Wings. Metro Blue and Yellow agree to let them join, and shoot Green and Pink with arrows to control them.

But another sneak attack! The real Metropoliman switched out with the fake one while Blue and Yellow went to shoot Green and Pink with arrows. Now the real Metropoliman is in a good position. He uses the proximity to kill Blue with a White Arrow. And shoot Yellow with a Red Arrow.

Green and Pink weren’t candidates at all. They were actors who pretended because Metropoliman gave them money before the stadium event. 

Metropoliman then handcuffs Yellow and the little girl together. Even though Yellow is under his control, he tries to fly away when Metropoliman says he’ll kill him. He can’t run, and gets shot and dies. The little girl is next.

Saki doesn’t want the girl to be killed. It looks like Mirai is ready to reveal himself to save her from Metropoliman! 

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