Platinum End - Episode 5 Review - Mirai Lets the Little Girl Die

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Platinum End - Episode 4, the surprises just keep coming. The nameless little girl who is a god candidate is about to be killed by Metropolitan. Her angel is begging other god candidates to reveal themselves and save her.

Because Saki is terrified the little girl will die, Mirai is about to jump in and do just that. But right as he’s about to, his angel Nasse says not to. Nasse goes up to Metropoliman herself to chat with him since he can’t kill an angel, and it doesn’t reveal Mirai or Saki’s identities to him.

Mirai calms down thinks Metropoliman is bluffing about killing the little girl. She’s red arrow’d, so killing her would be throwing away a slave. But the bastard Metropoliman makes good on his word and shoots her with a White Arrow. Poof. Instant death. The crowd in the stadium leave looking shook up and depressed. Metropoliman takes the Arrows and Wings and flies off.

Back at Saki’s place, Saki says she hates Metropoliman. Mirai remembers a lesson from his father - that hating someone is as bad as murder. So he can’t even hate Metropoliman because he doesn’t want to murder anyone either.

Then a new god candidate comes up to Saki’s balcony. It’s some adult dude who looks like crap.

His name is Nanato Mukaido. He’s a good guy who’s about to die from cancer soon. He doesn’t want to become god, but doesn’t want Metropoliman to become god either. He only used a red arrow to make a rich man give his wife and children money, to live comfortably after he dies.

Nanato’s angel is Baret, who’s like the most knowledgeable angel of all. And sexy. Anyways, Nanato cleverly red arrow’d investigated 14 arrows to keep cameras on the crowd at the baseball stadium, to ID Saki and Mirai. That’s how he found them.

Mirai and Saki promise to work together with Nanato only if he does his best to fight cancer and continue living. Nanato agrees. Seems like a good team-up.

We see Metropoliman in school talking to his friend. Metropoliman’s real name is Kanade Uryu. We learn that Arrows can only be shot for 31.6 meters, but if he fires another Arrow at the same time to boost the first one, it can travel double that. Or triple if he combines three Arrows.

He visits the frozen dead body of his little sister. He wants to bring her back to life when he becomes god.

Nanato meets up with Saki and Mirai again and says his investigators spotted another god candidate at the stadium. He’s a little boy. Nanato wants to meet up with him.

Just then, the three notice crazy news of a criminal middle school girl who previously killed other middle school girls in the past. This serial killer has escaped detention and left a note that she’s going to kill more girls. The three think Metropoliman might have given Wings/Arrows to this bitch.

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