Platinum End - Episode 6 Review - Nanato Wants to Stop the Serial Killer Misurin

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Platinum End - Episode 5, Nanato, Saki and Mirai are learning on the news that Girl A is out killing middle school girls. Again. And that most likely she’s some girl that Metropoliman gave wings to, in order to easily perpetrate her crimes.

The scene cuts to Girl A in her room, raping some middle school girl because she has her under Red Arrow control. It’s a really messed up scene. But I don’t notice fans complaining because it’s loli girl on loli girl action.

It’s revealed that Girl A is named Misurin (Mimimi). Misurin loves Metropoliman because he Red Arrow’d her. Metropoliman actually ordered Misurin to kill ugly girls because his school buddy Minamikawa said he wished ugly girls wouldn’t exist. That’s… ridiculous. Even killing 100 ugly girls wouldn’t make the wish come true. Anyways, it’s also bait to get more god candidates who will come and try to stop Misurin.

So in their strategy meeting, Nanato, Saki and Mirai decide to go after Misurin, even knowing it’s a trap. They hope to do so in a smart way, so that they can also kill Metropoliman.

The subject of killing comes up again. Even if it’s to kill evil people like Misurin or Metropoliman (Kanade), Mirai doesn’t says he can’t do it. Even if Mirai is going to die, he’d rather be killed than to kill. Nanato throws a hypothetical at him - what if Saki’s life was threatened by Metropoliman. Even in this situation, Mirai breaks down, but says he can’t White Arrow Metropoliman. This is seriously annoying. Some say this all just character development, and he’ll eventually grow much darker and use White Arrow in the future.

In the next meeting, Nanato gives handguns to Mirai and Saki to defend themselves. Mirai is shocked he would do such a thing, asking kids to commit crimes. Another dumb response. We’re talking about godhood here. The fate of the entire universe. His mind is still too naive. Nanato says he himself will do whatever is needed to stop Metropoliman from becoming god. He’s basically the mentor to show Mirai the right way, I feel.

Misurin kills the girl that she raped earlier by cutting her up. And she places the body right on top of Grand Tower like the last girl she killed. The cops come to pick up the body, and Misurin lets herself be seen by everyone, flying around. Nanato sees this one the news.  He thought they’d have to hunt her down by her crime patterns at first. But then realized it’s no longer a battle of wits - Metropoliman is just egging them to come to the Grand Tower.

Nanato has cool hero-looking suits form Mirai and himself. Nanato goes up to Misurin to confront her. He has a gun pointed at her. Mirai is watching safely from a distance in case he needs to catch Metropoliman.

But what happens? Metropoliman remote sets off a bomb right where Misurin and Nanato are. I think Nanato got away. I hope Misurin didn’t.

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