Re:Zero - Episode 47 Review - Emilia Faces the Second Trial

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Re:Zero Episode 47 (Season 2 Ep 22) follow.

The episode picks up right where the previous episode left off. Garfiel and Elsa are in the middle of a heated battle. Garfiel’s kind of kicking her ass. I love how he’s able to smash her face by running it against a wall. But even after that, Elsa is fine and continues to display a creepy soft smile. Meanwhile, Frederica grabs the unconscious Rem.

Subaru continues his conversation with Beatrice in another dramatic back and forth meant to tug on our heart strings. Beatrice feels abandoned by everyone she cares about - Roswaal, her mother, Ryuzu. She understands that Roswaal sent assassins to have her killed because that must be her fate written in the Tome of Wisdom. She resigns herself to her death fate, and says she’s relieved that at least Echidna didn’t forget about her, like she presumed after 400 years waiting with a blank book. Subaru rejects all this, countering that maybe Echidna gave her the wrong book. And to screw whatever a book says anyways, telling Beatrice she should make her own choices!

With beautiful music playing in the background, it seems like Beatrice will accept Subaru’s words and the two will embrace as true friends. Right? WRONG. That almost happens, but then Beatrice asks if Subaru is “that person” that she’s been waiting for. And Subaru just has to go put his foot in his mouth and say, “No, of course I’m not that person.” Which leads to Subaru getting telekinetically swatted by Beatrice and locked out of her library. Hilarious. To be fair, Subaru’s response lines up with him urging Beatrice not to believe in fate or pre-written tomes. But he could have sugar coated it a little, in my opinion.

Otto and Petra meet up with Subaru since a crazy mabeast is stopping their escape. All three are then narrowly saved by Frederica when Meili tears up the chunk of mansion they’re standing in. The demi-human stays behind to fend off Meili while Otto, Petra and Subaru (given Rem by Frederica) make a run for it. Then the terrifying mabeat, a guiltylowe, stops them in their tracks!

Back at Sanctuary, Emilia faces the second trial. Her “unthinkable present” is seeing herself grown up, happily living with Mother Fortuna as if she never died. The two go on a picnic with Geuse, as if he never went crazy. And the three have a cute conversation about Fortuna and Geuse possibly getting married. Instead of shattering Emilia, she’s grateful to see them happy and alive again, even if it is only created through the trial. She thanks Echidna when she appears. Echidna sheds tears and says that she truly hates Emilia.

With the second trial over, Emilia returns and finds the people of Irlam Village waiting for her, giving her their support. Ryuzu Shima and the beast people are there too for the same reason. One trial left.

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