Re:Zero - Episode 50 Review - Season 2 Finale, Subaru and Emilia Dance

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Re:Zero Episode 50 (Season 2 Ep 25) follow.

This episode picks up right where the previous episode left off. It’s the season finale! We made it, and it ends happily! Mostly.

First things first, the fight with the Great Rabbit. Subaru isn’t worried at all because he has Beatrice at his side and Emilia behind him. After a few excellent projectile magic shots, the three of them team up to ensnare all of the rabbits in a square. Beatrice uses El Shamac, the rabbits start cannibalizing each other, and then she sends all of them off into the void. Where they are banished forever. Winner: the good guys. It’s a relatively quick fight scene, because there’s a lot to wrap up between the ensemble cast. We need some conclusions!

Roswaal and Beatrice visit Echidna’s body together. This part is really confusing. Roswaal reveals that the original Roswaal has returned. I thought the original Roswaal had always kept moving his soul from generation to generation of Roswaal bodies and that that information was already known by Beatrice. Yet she seemed surprised by the soul transcription. Whatever. Beatrice forgives him. 

Emilia and Subaru get some adorable alone time where Emilia says that she believes she’s pregnant from just kissing Subaru earlier. That moment and the embarrassed way she spoke was just too cute. This was all a Puck prank.

Then the group comes together to confront Roswaal for all the wrongdoing he's done. There’s a few good punches here, but come on, hundreds of people were almost killed because of his obsession. He deserves way worse punishment. In the end, Roswaal formally apologizes, reveals he’s locked by some magic oath now, and is pretty much forgiven. Ram cradles his beat-up face, so you know she forgives him for almost killing her.

Then everyone dresses up for Subaru’s Conferment of Knighthood. He finally becomes Emilia’s official knight! Everyone celebrates with a party. This is our happy ending. Emilia comments on how much she loves the scene and atmosphere. Roswaal says he’s still going to keep trying to resurrect Echidna but will trust and watch Subaru to get there. We get cute moments like Frederica stopping Garfiel from drinking alcohol, Otto drunk, Petra and Beatrice dancing. Ram taking care of Rem, who is still comatose. That’s the only part that’s not really happy or concluded.

And lastly, like a fairytale ending, Emilia-tan and her knight Subaru have a ballroom dance. Thank you for an entertaining second season, White Fox! Until we see Re:Zero again in the third!

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