Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World - Episode 40 "Otto Suwen" and "A Reason to Believe" Review

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This is a review of Ep 40 of Re:Zero aka Ep 15 of Season 2. Warning: This review contains spoilers for the series up to and including episode 40!

The episode is more like two short episodes rolled into one with two very separate subject matters. 

The first half digs into the origins of Otto. Apparently, Otto has a divine protection that allows him to communicate with just about any creature! We even learn why this particularly amazing ability was kept secret from Subaru and in turn us, the viewer. It’s a neat little story that adds depth to Otto’s character. But as I said in my review of the previous episode, I didn’t expect Otto to play such a big role. And yet he continues to do so. If we’re going to get flashback origins, I’d rather see just about anyone else’s in this huge cast of characters - give me Roswaal’s origin. Or give me Garfiel’s.

Speaking of Garfiel, our favorite tutu-wearing ruffian goes head-to-head with Otto! Just like Garfiel says in the ep, I didn’t think Otto had it in him! Otto gets some good licks in, and it was fun to see him use a swarm of bugs on that hot-headed jerk, Garfiel. But those tactics barely slowed him down. Finally, Ram steps in to fight. And she seems to be much more of a match physically to Garfiel even after he goes beast mode. At least that’s how it looks. We don’t get to see how the fight ends, but we do see Garfiel is still standing. Hope Ram and Otto aren’t hurt too bad!

And now for the second half of the episode, “A Reason to Believe.” This part was by far more emotionally charged. It’s a milestone episode for the series, in that it’s… the first. Time. Subaru. And. Emilia. KISS.

But the build-up to the kiss is what made the pay off so great. Yes, there’s the build-up of all these years since the anime started, especially for fans who seriously shipped Subaru and Emilia together (sorry, Rem fans) from the beginning. But what I’m talking about is the build-up within this episode. We again get to see Subaru and Emilia have a one-on-one. Puck has just left her side, and Emilia is afraid she’ll lose her identity with the past that she learns. So you can’t blame her for having a huge fight with Subaru, who left her side at her most difficult time. I thought we’d find out why he did that, but for some reason, he can’t explain his actions just yet.

I’ve been in Subaru’s shoes so I really related to this scene. My partner didn’t believe in her worth and the reason I cared. I told her “I love you.” Similarly, Subaru screamed it out. I love how we see Emilia in his eyes. It’s only Emilia. His everything. When she finally accepts his words and his love, Subaru is in her eyes, too. So beautiful!

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