Rust-Eater Bisco - Episode 10 Review - Kurokawa Is Back as Tetsujin

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Rust-Eater Bisco - Episode 9, this ep begins with recapping the moment Bisco sacrifices his life, kills off Kurokawa and says goodbye to Milo

The Rust Energy is still about to fire up the Ganesha Cannon outside. Fortunately, Pawoo kicks a giant gorilla’s ass and throws it into the cannon, destroying it. 

The rust factory falls apart, too. Milo gets out safely. And he breaks the news about Bisco to Pawoo and Jabi.

The military gets to the scene to begin relief efforts and uh… evacuate the evil henchmen. I mean, I guess they were forced to be evil, so maybe they’re not all bad.

But it doesn’t matter. A bunch get killed off anyways. To show off the rise of the Tetsujin that was inactive in the factory. Whaaat? But how did it come alive?!

This thing is huge. It has the size and strength of an Eva unit. And it fires off some projectile that basically nukes the Weeping Child Ravine, where the Rust-Eater grows. That’s not good.

Tanks and other vehicles attack the Tetsujin but have no effect. Of course. It uses a rust breath on the vehicles that wipes them out instantly.

Despite Pawoo’s concerns, Milo dusts himself off, ready to fight Tetsujin all by himself. Tetsujin is walking towards Imihama.

Elsewhere, Chiroru learns from government forces that Bisco has died. Kurokawa, too. She knows she has to try to help fight this monster somehow. 

Tetsujin’s next attack was about to hit those nomad people who wear space helmets, but Milo interrupts him.

He starts doing what seems like his best impression of Bisco, to rile up Tetsujin. As Milo has figured out that Tetsujin is somehow controlled by Kurokawa’s soul. Because that makes sense. 

Milo actually does a really good job fighting Tetsujin by himself. His mushroom arrows are super effective against Tetsujin. Of course.

Tetsujin tries to use the rust breath on Milo, but he’s protected by that Rust-Eater immunity. Mostly.

The nomad people fire a missile at Tetsujin, trying to help. Tetsujin fires at them, but luckily Actagawa and Jabi save them in the nick of time.

Jabi and Milo then work together firing off tons of mushrooms, almost beating Tetsujin it seems. 

Tetsujin’s like, that’s it, I’m done playing games. And he shoots his nuke projectile straight in the air. It lands and decimates the cliff Jabi and Milo are on. They seems to fall to their deaths but of course they didn’t. Just gotta see what happens next week.

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