Rust-Eater Bisco - Episode 9 Review - Bisco vs. Kurokawa

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Rust-Eater Bisco - Episode 8, this ep begins with Milo having a sweet dream of Bisco, Pawoo and Jabi all healthy and enjoying their time together. You know that’s a flag that something bad is going to happen in reality.

In reality, Milo is in bad shape after being shot by so many arrows. He’s Rusting, so bad it temporarily blinded him.

Bisco is taking care of him. He lies to Milo, saying he was able to make an injection of the Rust-Eater, which is what he gave Milo to treat him. Truth is, that was the injection that Pawoo gave to Bisco for Bisco to use. He’s lying so Milo accepts it, of course, and doesn’t feel guilty.
In actuality, Bisco is dying pretty bad from the Rusting.

Milo asks how Pawoo and Jabi are doing. Bisco lies again and says he’s confident they’re both okay. Then Milo asks Bisco if he wants to date his sister. Bisco gets embarrassed.

Milo can sense Bisco will leave him to go settle things with Kurokawa, which could mean Bisco’s death. He tries to make Bisco promise to stay so that when Milo gets well they can fight/die together. Bisco agrees, again lying. Bisco feels like he knows how Jabi felt taking care of him. He’s helped Milo grow, and would die for him.

So he takes off on Actagawa to kill Kurokawa.

Pawoo follows a Kurokawa convoy that seems suspiciously powerful.

Kurokawa, meanwhile, takes Jabi as a prisoner to one of his bases. He explains that he actually spreads an artificial Rust Wind, so that more people get the disease, meaning more medicine the government gets to sell. Kurokawa can create the Ruse because his base holds a defunct Tetsujin with a Rust reactor inside.

This base has a Ganesha Cannon to shoot Rust Bullets far and wide, spreading the Rust Wind. Kurokawa plans to hit Weeping Child Ravine and destroy any Rust-Eater mushrooms there. 

Kurokawa then asks Jabi to sell out fellow Mushroom Keepers so Kurokawa can have their blood, the important Rust-Eater ingredient. If Jabi doesn’t comply, Kurokawa says he’ll shoot the Rust Bullet right at the Mushroom Keeper village.

Jabi answers Kurokawa with a headbutt! Yes! Kurokawa almost shoots Jabi, but one of his bunny lackeys gets in the way and starts beating up Jabi instead. Then it’s revealed that the bunny lackey is actually Bisco in disguise! He gets the jump on Kurokawa and stabs him in the foot!

Bisco throws Kurokawa, but he lands on a scaffold instead of the Rust lava.

Bisco instructs Jabi to go destroy the Ganesha Cannon while he deals with Kurokawa. Bisco and Jabi hug as if it’s the final goodbye.

Outside, Jabi is met with a boxing gorilla. Luckily Pawoo comes in out of nowhere to beat it up.

Then Bisco has his showdown with Kurokawa. Kurokawa’s able to shoot him in the eye, and throws some crazy muscle guy at Bisco. But Bisco keeps going, and drops the muscle guy in the lava pretty hilariously.

But he also loses his fingers to the Rust.

Bisco gives him a chance to run, for some stupid reason, and gets shot more by Kurokawa. But he’s like a demon possessed and keeps going, even when his arm breaks off.

Before Kurokawa can get a killing shot on Bisco, Milo swoops in and shoots Kurokawa’s arm off with an arrow. Then Bisco bites into Kurokawa’s neck like a vampire and they both fall into the lava.

Kurokawa finally dies, the bastard! But Bisco slowly dies, too. He’s somehow able to have a sweet last goodbye with Milo as his body melts away. Milo mercy kills him.

I can’t believe they killed off Bisco!

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