Rust-Eater Bisco - Episode 8 Review - Milo vs. Kurokawa

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Rust-Eater Bisco - Episode 7, the ep begins with gross-ass Kurokawa at Shimobuki Base. He’s playing a game with one of his lackeys. But we find out it’s a lackey controlled by a mushroom taking over his brain.

Milo barges in the room suddenly pointing an arrow at Kurokawa. A flashback shows how Milo got the governor’s TV message - and saw him torturing his sister. So yeah, Milo’s pissed and ready to kill Kurokawa.

Kurokawa demands the secret to activate Rust Eater. They bring out one of the mushrooms so Milo can prove it. 

It seems Milo is mixing it, but what he really makes is a numbshroom spore. It clouds the room hiding Milo and paralyzing the lackeys. Milo then attacks Kurokawa, slashing at him with a knife coated with numbshroom poison.

Then Milo foolishly demands to know where Jabi and Pawoo are kept. In that time, Kurokawa is able to shoot Milo with a wrist crossbow he was hiding. And he heals himself of the poison.

Kurokawa reveals he was a Mushroom Keeper before. The one from the old couple’s story that did experiments on people. 

Milo tries to attack Kurokawa again but gets stopped because the bolt that hit him was poisoned by puppetshroom. Kurokawa can use a remote and a chip in his brain to control Milo’s movements!

Then Kurokawa says he actually doesn’t care about how to make Rust Eater, but he has to monopolize it. Because the government makes money by selling rust treatments. Having the Rust Eater cure would give Kurokawa more negotiating power.

Suddenly, Bisco bursts in.

At the same time, Jabi breaks out of his cell easily.

Back to Bisco and Kurokawa - the governor reveals he’s the one who spread the rumor around Japan that Mushroom Keepers caused the Rusting. 

Kurokawa threatens to kill him and Bisco satisfyingly shoots his prosthetic arm off with an arrow. But then Milo shoots Bisco with an arrow, because he’s mind-controlled. He keeps firing arrows at Bisco. Kurokawa demands to know the secret ingredient or he’ll force him to kill Bisco.

So Milo tells him - it’s Mushroom Keeper blood. And of course, Kurokawa says he’ll kill them anyways. He forces Milo to fire a shot at Bisco’s head, but Bisco is able to catch it with his teeth, and shoot it back. With his teeth. He hits Kurokawa in the eye.

Then Jabi shows up and blows Kurokawa up to the ceiling with a smash. Jabi cures Milo of the puppetshroom thing. And says he rescued Pawoo earlier. 

The lackeys start coming for them. Jabi again holds them off to let Milo and Bisco escape. But Jabi gets caught.

Milo is struggling to run away while carrying Bisco. He gets shots by multiple rust arrows. Finally, Actagawa busts out and saves them. Milo passes out.

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