Rust-Eater Bisco - Episode 7 Review - Milo and Bisco Fight Each Other to Protect Each Other

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Rust-Eater Bisco - Episode 6, Pawoo has just surprise confronted Bisco in front of the Rust Eater Pipe Snake. She says she’s gonna kill him. He tries to explain that he didn’t kidnap Milo, but she doesn’t listen, and he just provokes her more.

Their fight has to wait though, on account of that Pipe Snake. Pawoo dodges it at first but then gets nabbed by its millions of gross fingers.

Milo moves fast and jumps onto the Pipe Snake riding Actagawa. Milo and Bisco agree to work together to free Pawoo. First, Actagawa stabs the giant monster, and that frees Pawoo from its grasp. She falls, but Bisco catches her.

Milo tries to jump off, but the damn Pipe Snake has a super long tongue that catches Atagawa by the claw. Milo has no choice but to shoot off Actagawa’s big claw! He does so, but then it looks like the bastard Pipe Snake is about to swallow Milo!

Bisco and Pawoo team up. She uses her bike to get some air. He shoots the beast with the harpoon. The Pipe Snake still manages to eat Bisco and Milo, but as you’d expect, they make mushrooms explode to open up the monster’s mouth. And with Pawoo’s pole, they stab a hole through its head or something, and are able to escape. And kill the monster.

They’re finally able to harvest the Rust Eater. But they’re disappointed to learn it’s just like some other mushroom that’s not all that great. Through a super bit of luck, Milo touches the mushroom while he’s covered in Bisco’s blood. And that activates the Rust Eater! So Mushroom Keeper blood is a necessary component to the cure. 

While Milo treats Bisco, Pawoo considers that Mushroom Keepers aren’t all that bad. But she still remembers the story of the sicko from that old couple.

Disgusting Kurokawa makes an appearance to ruin all the fun. Somehow, he knows the Pipe Snake as the Rust Eater mushroom on it. If he knew that, why not get the mushroom for himself before? Whatever. He uses an airship to steal the whole damn snake. Bisco tries to stop him and gets shot by Kurokawa with a Rust Bullet.

Milo was able to produce two Rust Eater antidotes. Pawoo secretly gives her share to Bisco so he can heal, and he promises to give her one later. She takes off on her bike to get the other antidote to Jabi in time. On the way, she stops at an Imihama Watch base which she thinks is safe. But Kurokawa beat her to it and mind-controlled her men with mushrooms. And Kurokawa reveals that he has Jabi in his clutches, so now Pawoo has to surrender to him.

While recuperating in some trailer home, Milo hears a message from Kurokawa that he has Pawoo and Jabi. And Milo better come with the secret ingredient soon.

Milo knew Bisco would try to go fight so he tries to put Bisco asleep. Because he knows Bisco is in terrible condition and can’t fight right now. Both want to protect the other, so they fight each other. Finally, Milo wins. And heads off. 

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