Rust-Eater Bisco - Episode 6 Review - Milo and Bisco Run into Chiroru Again

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Rust-Eater Bisco - Episode 5, Bisco and Milo continue their journey to search for the Rust Eater mushroom. They end up in a snowy region cold and hungry. They spot a frostrabbit, and we see Milo’s hunter abilities are improving because he’s able to kill it. Right after, they stumble upon the pink-haired jellyfish girl freezing to death.

They warm her up in a cave. She explains she fixed up a helicopter that was on the hermit crab temple, but an anti-aircraft weapon near the Shimobuki base shot her down. Bisco says that’s karma for the deceptive things she’s done. But she says it’s her only way to survive. She’s had to do all kinds of terrible things.

She says she might as well die, so there’s no need to help her. But Bisco proves to her she still has spirit left, so she doesn’t really want to die.

After sharing some food with her, the three ride Actagawa to their next destination. The subway tunnel. On the way, Bisco and the girl bicker, and Actagawa gets pissed and tosses them off with his claws.

They stop at a camp and trade with traders who speak another language. Because of the girl’s crafty ways, they’re able to get a good deal. 

Later, they continue and find the subway. The train doesn’t run at first, but the girl again proves useful by hot wiring it.

While camping and waiting for her to fix the train, Milo and Bisco talk about the journey they’ve had. And she overhears how kind they are to others. She’s surprised by how they risk their lives for others, selflessly.

Milo and the girl look over a guide drawn by Mushroom Keepers. It shows what mushrooms come from what creatures, and they find the one carrying the Rust Eater! It grows on the Pipe Snake AKA Tube Worm.

After this, Milo and Bisco part ways with the girl. Milo gets her to tell them her real name. It’s Chiroru (Tirol). She’s embarrassed, but moved by their kindness to her, so she tells them.

On the train ride, Milo and Bisco get attacked by oilsquid. But they’re able to beat them and escape in the nick of time by sacrificing the train engine. Right at the exit of the train tunnel, they make it to Weeping Child Ravine. And find the massive Pipe Snake!

Bisco starts attacking it right away, but he’s soon interrupted by an attack from Pawoo on her bike who comes out of nowhere!

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