Rust-Eater Bisco - Episode 5 Review - Bisco and Milo Are Captured by the Calvero Fishermen Kids

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Rust-Eater Bisco - Episode 4, this ep opens with Pawoo. She’s not only up and about, but she seems to be on the trail looking for her brother. She saves this elderly couple about to be killed by a giant spider. Whoops it easily. The couple thank her and invite her back to their place for tea. Her motorcycle was busted up by a trap anyways.

At their place, she drinks the tea (seemingly) and listens to their woeful tale. The town used to be filled with people. A Mushroom Keeper came by promising to cure everyone of Rust. The rusting seemed to disappear, but then people started to fall over and die. Then the Mushroom Keeper said thanks, that experiment was useful. For Pawoo, this is more proof to her that Mushroom Keepers are evil. 

But a little later Pawoo looks around and finds a bunch of creepy rotting bodies in their strange house. She comes back to the couple to find out they’re creeps. They set the trap. And poisoned her tea, which is supposed to paralyze her. They planned to turn Pawoo into a statue, like others, although it’s not explained why they’d want to. 

But she didn’t really drink the tea, so she’s fine. The couple escape momentarily, then blow themselves up after they realize they can’t beat Pawoo. WTF? 

Back to Bisco and Milo. As we last saw them, they’ve been ambushed by a bunch of kids who are about to kill them. They don’t trust Bisco and Milo, because they think the two work for Governor Kurokawa. Bisco convinces the kids to take them alive, as he has a massive bounty on his head. And these poor kids definitely need that money.

The kids tie them up and escort them to their town, Tetsujin. Where the large fabled Tetsujin is.  A girl named Plum watches over Milo. She thinks he’s cute. Plum explains that all the adults went to work in Imihama for Kurokawa. They’re the bunny mask people. They do it because they need the money to pay for their kids’ treatment. All the kids are suffering from Rust, or at least they think so. Milo takes a look at Plum and explains it’s not Rust. There’s a cure for what they have. And he starts treating her. Her illness disappears instantly!

Meanwhile, Bisco speaks with the leader of these kids, known as the Calvero fishermen. His name is Nuts, and his dad died and left behind amazing harpoons. Nuts doesn’t want to use them because he doesn’t want them to rust. 

The kids soon tell Nuts to come down from Tetsujin’s head because they’re all being healed by Milo. Kousuke stays behind with Bisco. The kid says he actually likes Mushroom Keepers and gives Bisco a map with train stations on it.

Suddenly, they’re attacked by a school of giant blowfish. They would have died if not for Bisco breaking out of his prison and killing them all with his arrows. Also uses the harpoon once, telling Nuts that the harpoon should be used to make his old man proud, not kept on display. Bisco and Milo then get on Actagawa and ride off. 

Meanwhile, it seems Jabi has been caught by Kurokawa!

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