Skeleton Knight in Another World - Episode 3 and 4 Review - Arc Helps Ariane Free Some Elves

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Episode 3
Following Skeleton Knight in Another World - Episode 2, we learn that the lord of Diento is a scumbag. He’s the one who tried to assassinate Lauren Luvierte, and even let loose the two basilisks on the Luvierte Land. He’s pissed that a single mercenary (Arc) thwarted his plans. He’s also part of adbucting elves for the slave trade. More on that in a bit.

Arc is doing another merc job, getting rid of bandits in a cave. The cave formerly held elf girl prisoners, which is why he runs into Ariane Glenys Maple outside the cave, the high elf we saw previously in the first ep.

Ariane was there to save the girls but sees Arc instead and immediately starts battling him. Then she notices he is friends with a spirit creature, Ponta. So she begins to believe Arc when he says he’s not a bad person and not part of the kidnappings. But she still doesn’t trust humans, so she leaves him before they could formally introduce themselves.

As a gamer, Arc wants to pursue quests with a high elf girl, so he tries to track her down. And he runs into the kidnappers. One is the son of the lord of Diento, named Udolan. He’s a sadistic bastard who harms and rapes the slaves he kidnaps.

Before Arc can make a move, Ariane jumps out and takes care of most of the thugs. But then Udolan takes the elf prisoners hostage by sword point. Ariane is almost forced to surrender, when our OP isekai hero Arc jumps in to beat the shit out of Udolan and protect the girls, freeing Ariana to beat up the rest of the thugs.

Arc proves his magic ability by freeing the girls from their collars. With the girls safe, Ariane introduces herself formally to Arc and asks him to join her on her mission.

Episode 4
Arc accepts her request. The two travel to the area outside Diento via teleportation magic. Ariane is impressed he doesn’t even need to do a long incantation to make that happen. She believes it will be a useful skill in her mission.

They go into town to meet up with Ariane’s ally named Danka. The three meet up and Danka is immediately unwelcoming and suspicious of this “human” mercenary joining them. But Danka also notes that Ponta trusts Arc, and his magic abilities do sound helpful.

Late that night, the three infiltrate the bandit hideout. Arc uses Dimension Move to short range teleport them to the roof. And Danka is impressed. After a funny moment where Ariane has trouble squeezing into a small window because of her big oppai and ass, Arc again uses Dimension Move to get him and Danka in the building easily! 

They soon discover someone else has beat them to the hideout, and is killing bandits in their sleep by slicing at their necks. After splitting up, Arc discovers the person who did this is a cute ninja girl with a tail and ears. He doesn’t get her name, but she does give him some helpful info.

Arc, Danka and Ariane kill the rest of the enemies and save the elf girls who were locked away. Then Arc uses teleportation to get them all out of town safely. Danka stays with the girls while Ariane and Arc head to the lord’s mansion to save the remaining elves.

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