Skeleton Knight in Another World - Episode 5 Review - Arc and Ariane Defeat the Lord of Diento

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Skeleton Knight in Another World - Episode 4, Arc and Ariane begin their sneaky assault on the castle of the Lord of Diento. But it’s not so sneaky. They Dimension Move to the roof, where they immediately run into guards. And instead of trying to kill them quietly, Arc knocks down a giant bell to escape. Smooth. Now the whole castle knows they’re there!

But that doesn’t really matter when you have a character as overpowered as Arc, as you can imagine.

Inside the castle, the Lord gets a report from his son Udolan who was defeated by Arc and Ariane. This lord scumbag is about to rape two elves (women he’s raped before, who knows how many times) in front of his son. Disgusting.

Arc and Ariane blow through the door of his bedroom, and Ariane quickly gives the lord a quick kick in the nuts. But he deserves to suffer way more. Ariane continues to beat him up, then the women have their turn. Ariane also takes care of any other guards who tried to attack them.

Meanwhile, Arc finds a secret room filled with tons of gold. Arc starts looting it, and Ariana asks what he’s doing. He sort of lies and says taking away their funding will stop them from continuing to do slave trade work. I mean, that’s true but it’s not his primary reason for taking the gold. Anyways, Ariane believes him.

The women are freed. After Ariane pays Arc his reward, she proposes that he come with her to her elven lands and a settlement called Lalatoya. She wants him to continue helping free elves.

Arc would have to meet with an elder there and get permission to stay. He’s worried that he’ll have to take off his armor and reveal he’s a skeleton. They may want to kill him after doing this.

Ariane promises not to do that if he reveals himself to her right now. So he takes off his helmet. Because he’s able to do positive magic and a spirit creature loves him, she trusts him despite his looks. Believing it will be the same with the elder, Arc agrees to come with her. Their bond grows stronger.

Meanwhile, in Olav, capital of the Rhoden Kingdom. The King Karlon Olav meets with his children, Sekt, Dakares, and Yuriarna, to discuss what happened in Diento. The king concludes it deserves investigating. If it’s true, the elves may end their treaty of trade with Limbult, and the nobles will blame the Rhoden Kingdom.

Later, Yuriarna talks with her attendant, Ferna, in private. She can tell Dakares is pissed and probably guilty of the elf trade stuff. She will soon go to Limbult to try to smooth over things with the elves.

Back to Arc and Ariane, Ariane finally gets her chance to pet Ponta. They get along well. But Arc catches her doing so and gets embarrassed. 

Soon after, the two arrive to Lalatoya.

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