Skeleton Knight in Another World - Episode 6 Review - Ariane and Dillan Visit the Elders

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Skeleton Knight in Another World - Episode 5, Arc and Ariane have just arrived at the Lalatoya settlement in Maple. But Arc can’t pass the gates until Ariane speaks to the elder and gets permission. After a long wait, he’s finally let in.

As soon as Arc walks in, he’s overjoyed at seeing even more of this fantasy world, this time how elves live. He meets the elder Dillan Lalatoya and his wife, Glenys. Who are Ariane’s parents!

They sit down for dinner but first discuss business. The politics of Ariane and Arc attacking the Lord of Diento and discussing this with the other elders the next day.

Then the group has dinner. At first, Arc is worried about taking off his helmet, but Ariane assures her it’s okay, as she’s explained his curse to her parents already. So he takes it off, and they enjoy a good meal together.

The next day, Arc wakes up to learn that Ariane and her father, Dillan, have already left to speak to the elders. They’re far away at the Capital of Maple and need to be reached via elven teleportation. Meanwhile, Glenys gives a tour of Lalatoya to Arc. Arc runs into the girls he saved before, who are happy to see him.

At the elders meeting, we meet Fangas Maple and others.  The elders believe the humans broke the treaty by enslaving elves, but some still see attacking the lord of Diento as excessive action. The elves don’t want war if it can be prevented, so they instruct Ariane to continue her mission freeing elves.

Meanwhile, Glenys spars with Arc to get a measure of how strong he is. She’s too fast for him and kicks his butt completely.

As Dillan and Aria leave the capital, they are wished farewell by Aria’s sister, Eevin. She loves Aria. She tells Aria about the guy she’s going to marry. Evein also teases Ariane about her crush.

Arc, exhausted from his training, takes a bath in Aria’s parents’ home. But Aria walks in naked about to take a bath, too. She has no idea he’s in there, and he sees her naked!

During dinner, Dillan asks Arc to continue journeying with Ariane. They can’t offer money. So they offer intel instead. They tell him there’s a tree called the Lord Crown that has magical effects. It might be able to lift his curse. But it’s guarded by a Dragon Lord. Luckily, elves can get in with permission.

Later in bed, Arc wonders if he even needs a curse lifted because he made that up. He has some magic Uncurse magic already. He tries it on himself and is surprised his arm turns human, with flesh and blood!

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