Skeleton Knight in Another World - Episode 7 Review - Arc and Ariane Run into Chiyome

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Skeleton Knight in Another World - Episode 6, Arc tries to use his Uncurse magic to make himself flesh and blood. It works! For one second. So the lie he made up is actually true. He really is cursed. How convenient. It means the trip to the Lord Crown is still necessary.

The next day, Ariane and Arc begin to travel by foot to Olav, the capital of the Rhoden Kingdom. They need to get more intel there on the elves being trafficked. On the way, a bunch of giant bugs start attacking Arc. They don’t hurt him, but they freak him. Ariane and Arc then take a break at a tavern for dinner, where they learn from the waitress that haunted wolves have been attacking people in the nearby forest recently.

Ariane and Arc want to cut through the forest, even if it’s dangerous. They figure they can handle the wolves.

Meanwhile, Princess Yuriarna and her attendant, Ferna, leave Olav with an escort of guards by carriage. They want to make their way to Limbult as soon as possible to smooth out the elf trafficking scandal. Her scumbag brother Dakares skulks about the shadows, so you know he’s going to have them attacked on their trip to stop them.

While walking through the forest, Ariane mentions that her sister is getting married soon, and tails from the haunted wolves make a beautiful veil. Right then, the wolves attack. They have an illusion ability to confuse Arc and Ariane with fake duplicates. Ariane uses her magic well in front of Arc, and Arc realizes he has a lot to learn about fighting, even if he is overpowered.

Arc fights the boss of the wolves, one that has multiple tails. It destroys the anklet that was put on it to control it. After it’s freed from the control, the boss wolf calls the others to leave Arc and Ariane peacefully. Arc mentions that this same anklet was found on the basilisk, and they suspect someone is controlling these monsters to go where they don’t usually go. 

With a bunch of dead wolves lying around, Ariane asks if it’s okay to spend some time harvesting their tails and cleaning them for the veil gift. Arc agrees. While he’s waiting around, Ponta runs off. So Arc follows.

Ponta leads Arc to Yuriarna’s carriage being attacked by assassins. Yuriarna, Ferna, and her men have all been recently killed by these attackers. They try to kill Arc, too, after he arrives. But he’s too powerful. And he kicks their asses easily. Also, the boss wolf and his pack come by to help kill them. As thanks for being freed, I guess.

Arc then uses a spell to resurrect Yuriarna and Ferna, and some of the men. He can’t resurrect the ones who have been too damaged or died too long ago. Yuriarna slightly catches a glimpse of Arc before passing out, believing he’s an angel and their resurrection was a miracle from God. They continue on their mission. Arc watches from a safe distance and learns he saved a princess.

Arc goes back to Ariane but doesn’t mention what happened. Then the two complete their trip to Olav.

Right when they get to Olav, Arc and Ariane run into the Chiyome, the furry-eared ninja girl from Diento!

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