Skeleton Knight in Another World - Episode 8 Review - Chiyome Asks for Arc's Help

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Skeleton Knight in Another World - Episode 7, the ep begins from Chiyome’s point of view. She goes over how she first met Arc. Because he had a unique scent she’s never smelled before and a spirit creature was with him, she decided to trust him. Now she’s happy that they meet coincidentally in Olav, because she wants to ask for his help.

Arc introduces Ariane to Chiyome. Actually, they all give each other their names formally for the first time. Even Ponta. Chiyome explains she is one of the famed Six Ninja for the Jinshin clan. Arc traces back Jinshin’s meaning to the word “shinobi.” And he deduces that the clan was probably started 600 years ago by a Japanese person that isekai’d into the world, who named himself Hanzo like the famous Japanese figure. It excites Arc to think a Japanese person from another world, like him, started a clan and became a legend.

Chiyome asks for Arc’s aid freeing her kin who are imprisoned/enslaved by evil humans. It sounds very similar to the mission that Ariane is on. Arc apologizes because he’s already contracted by Ariane and doesn’t want to jeopardize the mission given to him by elves. But Ariane permits Arc to help Chiyome, relating to Chiyome’s struggle.

Meanwhile, the shithead Dakares is pissy about Yuriarna probably surviving and escaping his plot to have her killed (thanks to Arc resurrecting her in the last ep). He whines to his aid, Cetrion, and he’s also afraid whoever is ruining his plans is on there way to kill him. So Cetrion suggests to Dakares that he go into hiding, and the bastard does just that. By the way, Cetrion has the aura of being the real evil mastermind behind things. So we’ll see if that’s what is revealed in a future ep.

Arc, Ariane and Chiyome arrive and Etzat Market, the largest slave market in the capital. Chiyome’s plan is to attack swiftly and free what prisoners they can. But the attack is also somehow a decoy. Her fellow clan members will then attack smaller markets in the surrounding region simultaneously, freeing those prisoners. She expects a number of her people will die at Etzat, but it’s a plan to sacrifice the few to save the many.

But Arc and Ariane explain that Arc has a teleportation ability to get prisoners out safely and quickly. Chiyome says that her clan’s founder also had that power. So now Chiyome thinks it might be possible to save everyone’s lives and not have to sacrifice anyone.

That night, Arc and Ariane prepare for the attack by having a good meal. Arc also prepares by putting on a mask and outfit he bought. Ariane thinks the mask looks creepy.

Chiyome meets up with them before the attack and introduces another Ninja comrade, a big guy named Goemon.

Goemon and Arc work together to distract the market’s guards with a flashy full frontal assault. Both Goemon and Arc do some powerful spells and stuff that annihilate the guards. Their magic actually combines and creates a cumulative effect that destroys the area more than they planned. And buries them in debris along with their enemies! (They’re fine)

Meanwhile, Ariane and Chiyome sneak quietly in the back.

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