Skeleton Knight in Another World - Episode 9 Review - Arc and Ariane Help Chiyome and Goemon

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Skeleton Knight in Another World - Episode 8, Dakares is pissed that Eztat Market is under attack. He orders Cetrion to get more reinforcements there to stop it.

At Eztat Market, Arc and Goemon let loose. The soldiers are pathetic against their abilities.

Meanwhile, Chiyome and Ariane (and Ponta) sneak in the back way. A few guards spot them, but the girls make quick work of them.

They find the prison cells and free the beast kin.

The girls report that the freed slaves have gathered in the hall, awaiting teleportation.
Goemon stays in front to deal with remaining forces while Arc meets up with Ariane and Chiyome.

Arc, Ariane, and Chiyome move to the last castle building and free the last of the slaves. But Chiyome also finds a cell filled with the rotting corpses of dead beast people. They were injured and sick and couldn’t be sold. So they were killed off. Chiyome apologizes for not being able to save them.

Then Arc returns to the slaves in the hall, and after a few times, finishes teleporting all of them to safety. He joins up with Goemon who has been doing a great job beating the shit out of the soldiers. But he has taken some damage doing so. Arc has pretty much been gaslit by the sight of the slaves that were killed at Eztat, so he’s set on destroy the whole damn evil place once and for alll!

Arc and Goemon teleport back to Ariane and Chiyome. The girls are surprised to see that Arc has even teleported the bodies of all the dead back with him. That’s so they can be given a proper funeral.

The bodies are all set one fire for a ritual, and it seems like the souls of the dead are finally able to fly up to the sky happily.

Elsewhere, Dakares is pissed about all this. But it doesn’t matter, because Cetrion betrays him and kills him. Saw that coming. Cetrion was secretly working for Sekt. They plan use the attack of the beast people as the cover for Dakares’ murder.

The next day, Chiyome thanks Arc and Ariane for their help and rewards them with information on where to find enslaved elves. They’ll have to go to the Holy Revlon Empire.

Meanwhile, in Limbult, Yuriarna reunites with her sister. Her sister informs her that Dakares has been killed by Cetrion. Guess her spy network uncovered the truth. But it was reported that Yuruirna was killed, too. So she’s happy to see her alive. Yuriarna’s necklace was seen at the body of Dakares. Sekt planted it there. Seems this could all be Sekt’s plotting.

Yuriarna says they’ll keep her survival a secret for now. And now she can continue her mission to make peace with the elves.

And in Revlon, Emperor Domitianus, who had used Dakares, is also scheming. He’s the one who gave the rings that control monsters. He’s employed someone named Fumba who will supposedly destroy Rhoden.

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