“Slam Dunk” Movie will be released in fall 2022. The director and script writer is the original creator, Inoue Takehiko. The visual of the 5 members of Shohoku has been released.

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From the "Slam Dunk" movie, the teaser movie has been released together with the staff information. It was also announced that it will be released in fall 2022. The original creator Inoue Takehiko is the director and scriptwriter for this work. The visual depicting the 5 members of Shohoku huddling has been released.

This work is based on the shounen manga that was serialized on Shueisha's Weekly Shounen Jump from Issue 42 of 1990 to Issue 27 of 1996. The theme of this work is high school basketball, and it depicts the growth of the athletes as a person. With over 120 million copies in circulation within Japan, the TV anime was broadcast from October 1993 to March 1996, and there is even a game of it.

The teaser movie has been released on the movie's official website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Toei Animation Official YouTube Channel. Information such as the release in fall 2022 and the staff information can be seen in the teaser movie.

Immediately after the release of the teaser movie, various comments having high expectations toward this work, such as "Woooah! It's Slam Dunk! I'm not dreaming right? I can't believe I can see the sequel!" and "I so happy to be alive as I am able to see the new Slam Dunk in Reiwa", can be seen on the social network.

Not only Japan, but there are even comments from the worldwide fans, such as "I have been waiting for a long time" (Thai), "I'm looking forward to it" (Chinese), "This is the happiest moment in my whole life!" (Spanish), and "This will become a legend" (English).

Do look forward to the future announcements of the "Slam Dunk" movie that was recreated as the "latest animation movie".


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