Spirit Chronicles - Episode 10 Review - Celia and Charles Are Engaged!?

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Spirit Chronicles Episode 9, we finally get to finish seeing how everyone reacts the mysterious naked pink-haired girl that wakes up in bed with Rio!

Alma, Sara, Orphia and Latifa have a cute embarrassed reaction to the scandalous sight. But things calm down, and Rio understands that this girl must be the spirt that helped him learn Spirit Arts. She formed a covenant with him. But she doesn’t know how and she doesn’t know her named. It’s like she has amnesia.

She can speak telepathically, but only to Rio. Also, she calls Rio by Haruto, as she knows about his past life. The others wonder why she calls him Haruto. He comes up with a quick half lie and says it’s because he’s a wanted man in Stahl, so he had to go by another name.

The girl asks Rio to name her, and Rio comes up wit the name Aishia, which can mean beautiful springtime.

Rio takes his bondest spirit to the Eldest and Lady Dryas to see if they can shed more light on her. Aishia says she’s proficient with every element of the Spirit Arts. They test this claim by having her battle with Rio. Both are immensely powerful. She knows all of Rio’s moves. Dryas thinks this isn’t even her full power, but she stops the fight, as it might harm the village.

From then on, Dryas teaches Aishia about spirits. Time passes and Aishia is welcomed by the village just like Rio. Eventually, Master Dominic finishes making Rio’s portable house, so Rio announces he’ll be leaving for Stahl soon. Sara privately asks Rio to spend more time talking to Latifa before he goes.

Latifa talks to Rio while cleaning his back in the bath.  The two learn that they were on the same bus that was destroyed in an accident in their previous life. Rio promises to return to her some day.

The next day, Rio leaves and the Eldest once again have some OP gifts for him. There’s the portable house. But then there’s a teleportation crystal given by Urusla which can take him back to the village anytime instantly. And an earring given by Syldora which can change the color of Rio’s hair, which should help him stay in disguise in Stahl. That’s why we see him with brown hair in the OP.

Rio and Aishia get to Stahl. Rio does some snooping around, trying to find Celia in her old room in the academy. But she’s not there anymore. Rio finds out that she’s engaged and about to married to that jerk Charles Arbour!

It’s a bit of a shock to Rio. But I think that’s what he gets for not communicating with Celia for years.

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