Spirit Chronicles - Episode 11 Review - The Reason Celia Is about to Marry Charles

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Continuing from Spirit Chronicles Episode 10, Rio is shocked to learn that Celia is getting married to Charles Arbor the following day. During his interrogation, he finds out it’s a marriage of convenience. Charles was able to negotiate peaceful terms with the neighboring kingdom Proxia after they had defeated the Beltrum Kingdom. Now Charles says he will unite the House of Arbor with the House of Claire with this marriage to solidify more power for King Beltrum. In other words, political shit.

We see Celia have dinner with Charles and her father. They talk nice, but in reality, her father doesn’t trust Charles and wishes his daughter didn’t have to marry the sleazebag.

Rio and Aishia find Celia, who is well guarded. But with their spirit arts, they’re able to sneak by to see Celia. Celia is super happy to be reunited with Rio one last time before she gets married, as she really is in love with him. But when Rio asks if Celia really wants to marry Charles, Celia lies and says yes. She says everything she can to convince Rio, and also asks him to leave. The truth is, she doesn’t want to burden Rio with her problems. 

Somehow, Rio still doesn’t comprehend her true feelings, even though she basically says straight up that she wants to marry him or flee and live together forever with him instead of marrying disgusting Charles.

The next day, the bastard Reiss who stole those wyvern eggs some episodes ago meets with Charles. They’re working together secretly. That’s probably how Charles was able to negotiate peace with Proxia, because Reiss is from Proxia, I believe. Reiss senses a strong spirit spying on them, probably Aishia. But he doesn’t catch her.

Celia, dressed in her wedding gown is introduced to Charles’ other wives. They start bullying her instantly. Luckily, Princess Christina Beltrum interrupts them and makes the wives go away.

Privately, Christina apologizes to Celia that she has to go through with this wedding for her royal family. She can tell Celia is not happy with the arrangement. But again, Celia does her best to deny her pain.

In another private conversation, Charles speaks to Alfred, head of the Knights of the Royal Guard. Charles talks down to Alfred, so he obviously doesn’t like him. But Alfred seems loyal regardless.

The marriage ceremony begins. Charles and Celia have a procession in a carriage. The people of the kingdom cheer for them.

Aishia speaks to Celia telepathically and points out that Rio is watching over her in the crowd. Celia gets overwhelmed with her pain, and is embarrassed that the man she really loves sees her like this.

Right before Celia and Charles can arrive to meet the rest of the nobles and royals, Rio runs in for the rescue! We’ll have to see how that goes in the next ep!

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