Spirit Chronicles - Episode 12 Review - Rio Punches Charles in the Stomach

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Continuing from Spirit Chronicles Episode 11, Rio executes a one-man assault on the wedding ceremony. First, he dispatches a bunch of troops like crumpled pieces of paper. Then he dodges a barrage of Photon Bullets by the mages. He even beats up the “most elite of the elite” guards protecting Charles Arbor and Celia as bodyguards.

Arrogant Charles is arrogant as always and thinks he will be untouchable. But in a matter of seconds, sweat starts dripping down his ugly ass face. And Rio socks him in the stomach, bringing him to his knees. Where Rio holds him down with one foot. It’s a beautiful, satisfying sight.

Meanwhile, Count Claire and Charles’ dad, Duke Arbor, are freaking out about the hostage situation. Duke Arbor is pissed at his son for allowing this to happen. I found that amusing.

Rio holds Celia at knife point, but calms her down in a telepathic conversation. He says he would regret not saving someone precious to him as she spends her life ruined by Charles. Celia finally admits that she doesn’t want to marry Charles and wants Rio to take her away. So he pretends to forcefully kidnap her, saving the Claire family from being blamed.

Rio lies to Charles, saying he’s doing this because he has a grudge against him. Although Rio has plenty of reason to hold a grudge, he’s really doing it to save Celia.

He does his spirt arts leaps and bypasses a ton of guards. Reiss watches amused, and takes advantage of the chaos. He throws his own blast at Celia and Rio to see how Rio handles it. Rio is able to block the attack, intriguing the asshole Reiss even more.

Rio and Celia speed away thanks to Rio’s leaps. Aerial Knights on griffins make chase.

This was all according to Rio’s plan, thankfully. He ducks in alleway and hands off Celia to Aishia, like a baton. With Aishia sneaking out of the city with Celia, Rio acts as a decoy for all the guards to come after.

The Aerial Knights rain down with Blitz Shots on Rio, but he dodges them. Then he beats up a bunch of elite guards. Finally, the big guns, Alfred, faces off against Rio. Rio can tell he’s strong, and it’s hard to beat Alfred since he’s not willing to kill him. 

Finally, Alfred unleashes a giant red blast with his sword. Everyone closes their eyes from such a big attack, and Rio is able to use that chance to escape the situation

Celia and Aishia wait some distance from the city. Rio reunites with them, unharmed. But there’s no time to enjoy the success of the rescue. Large lights appear in areas all over for some reason.

Aishia (with Mii-chan’s consciousness?) begs Haruto (Rio) to save them. Who? Mii-chan! And a couple kids from Japan! Why? How?! Unfortunately, we won’t know until next season. Hopefully this anime gets one.

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