Spy x Family - Episode 3 Review - Loid, Anya and Yor Spend a Day Going Out

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Spy x Family - Episode 2, things are moving quickly between Loid and Yor because they have to. Yor brings her belongings to move into Loid’s apartment. Being so peculiar and efficient, Yor has very few things to move.

Loid said he had a friend in the courts make their marriage document, but it was really his informant, Franky who did it. 

Anya gives a tour to Yor. And she even introduces her stuffed animal, Mr. Chimera. Then Yor sees her own room and loves it. A separate room from Loid, because of course, right?

After some light refreshments, Loid gives the other two a mock interview pretending to be from the school. Their answers are weird and sucky, but cute and hilarious for the viewer.

So Loid decides they need to spend the day together out of the house. Learn what it’s like to think and act like an upper class family.

Anya is excited for the outing at first and wants to hold hands with her “mother.” But then she reads Yor’s mind and learns Yor accidentally broke her brother’s ribs by hugging him too tight! 
So Anya freaks out and runs away!

Loid’s first spot for them is the opera house. Neither Anya nor Yor really take to it. Next is the art museum. Anya draws about her life, but then realizes she needs to hide it because it would give away her secret powers. But Loid and Yor don’t catch on, so she’s safe.

Next stop is the tailor shop where Loid and Yor met. They get some semi-formal clothes made. Yor likes the blue color the tailors suggest, but she’s worried about the blood stains being hard to hide on it. Anya catches that with her mind.

The three do a family photo together, where both Anya and Yor look stiff.

Afterwards, the group passes by a large public gathering. The many thoughts hurt Anya’s head so they go away from there and get something to eat. At this point, Loid is still really stressed out about admissions. He thinks they won’t do well at the interview. Yor notices how he feels and suggests a spot for the three of them to go. A beautiful view looking over the city.

Then they spot a shopkeeper stealing a purse from an old lady. The three use their abilities to catch the thief before he gets away!

It’s not the kind of thing Loid usually does, because it draws too much attention. But he is thanked by the old lady, which is nice for a change. The lady remarks that they look like a great family. So that puts Loid more at ease about the interview.

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