Spy x Family - Episode 4 Review - Loid, Anya and Yor Are Interviewed

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Spy x Family - Episode 3, the day has arrived. Time for the interview conducted by Eden Academy! If Loid’s fake family doesn’t get Anya in, then their whole mission from the WISE organization fails.

Just as Loid, Anya and Yor walk onto the campus like every other family. Loid and Yor use their spy/assassin skills like a sixth sense, and they can feel they’re being watched. But not by enemies, by the school’s faculty. Because even their style of walking on campus is being judged!

Apparently, Housemaster Henry Henderson is also watching. He’s a strict man who’s obsessed with elegance. He immediately notices the Forger family because they salute the statue of the first principal, unlike all the other families.

That’s a good start, but the faculty has created some tests along the way for families to assess if they’re academy material. First off, they have a student pretend he’s stuck in a sewer. If anyone saves him, they’re bound to get dirt all over their clothes before the interview. Loid nobly helps the boy. Henderson thinks he failed the test for getting dirty, but Loid brought an extra suit just in case. The next challenge wasn’t one made by the school. It was real. A bunch of farm animals run wild, causing chaos! Yor is able to use her skills to stop the alpha cow, while Anya is able to put the cow’s mind at peace. Resolving the situation.

Hendeson thanks the Forger family and says they can go home to change. But the Forger family has another set of clothes ready, again!

The interview begins, conducted by Malcolm Hall,  Henderson, and the real villain of this episode, Swan. The Forgers do a fantastic job answering. But that Swan bastard is jealous and wants to ruin their chances of getting in. He actually makes Anya cry!

Loid almost punches Swan in the face for all his insults to his family, but he kills a mosquito and destroys the table instead. Then the leaves, clapping back at Swan for being an asshole.

Henderson is also ashamed of Swan and angered by his behavior. So after the Forgers leave, Henderson actually does sock him right in the face!

The Forgers go back home. They all feel defeated. Loid tells Anya she doesn’t have to apologize. But he does feel it’s hopeless. Yor and Anya do their best to cheer him up and keep hope alive! This is different from what a spy is supposed to do. Loid usually only has faith in himself, but this time, he chooses to have faith in his family!

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