Spy x Family - Episode 5 Review - Anya Gets into Eden Academy

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Spy x Family - Episode 4, the ep begins with the faceless head of WISE telling his assisting officer that Twilight (Loid) is the best spy they have. And he’s confident Twilight will succeed in the STRIX operation.

But Loid, Anya and Yor all feel pretty bad about their chances of Anya being accepted, especially because a lot of bad luck things happen on the way to Eden Academy. They get to the acceptance list boards, and are sad to learn Anya’s name is not among the accepted kids.

But before they leave the school grounds, Henderson stops them to chat. He reveals that Anya is at the very top of the waiting list to get in. So just one person needs to drop out, and Anya’s in! Immediately, Yor considers assassinating someone to get in. But shakes her head at the crazy idea.

Later at home, the Forgers get the call that Anya has been accepted! Franky barges in as soon as the news comes and offers a huge dinner to celebrate. That includes wine. So both he and Yor get drunk.

Loid says he’ll do anything within his power to give Anya a reward for getting into school. And Anya has the crazy idea to take over Newston Castle and play Bondman x Princess Honey x Spies there!

But it’s not completely ludicrous. As the Bondman show allows people to rent out that caste to do just that. So Loid calls in help from WISE to make it happen. The craziness starts off with Loid getting a private plane for all of them to fly to the castle that very night! Yor and and Franky are still drunk at this time.

Anya points out that the castle is no fun without any spies. So again, Loid uses WISE to get agents to help. But not just one or two guys, it’s an entire ARMY of spies! And all of them look up to Loid as the #1 agent.

It all works out a little too perfectly. Anya plays Princess Anya. Loid plays Loidman. And Franky plays the villain, Count Fuzzball. Loid has to successfully make his way through traps, obstacles and spies (eager  to go up against the best spy, Twilight) and chase down Count Fuzzball to save Princess Anya. 

The last real hurdle is drunken Yor, who fights unrestrained. Luckily she passes out. After successfully saving Princess Anya, the night ends with fireworks. Anya is completely happy. And that makes Loid happy. This was such a fun, wholesome episode. Another great ep from the best anime this season.

Only problem? WISE now has to pay for the bill of Loid’s pretend castle game. And it’s ridiculously huge, as you might expect!

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