Spy x Family - Episode 6 Review - Anya Meets Becky and Damian

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Spy x Family - Episode 5, the ep begins with Anya getting measured for her new Eden Academy school uniform. The seamstress mentions that students who don’t have a high-class, noble background get bullied. And there’s been some student kidnappings, recently. Foreshadowing the events of this ep.

Some time later, Loid has to go to a secret mission briefing, so he lets Yor take Anya to pick up her school uniform. At Loid’s briefing, he learns more requirements for Anya to get closer to their target, Donovan Desmond. Anya will have to earn 8 Stella medals to become an honor student called an Imperial Scholar. To attend the reception to meet Desmond, you need to be a parent of an Imperial Scholar. Loid doubts this is possible because Anya is Anya. There’s also a demerit system where students receive Tonito medals. Earning 8 Tonito medals means expulsion. Guess what Anya’s gonna get off the bat…

Meanwhile, Yor and Anya pick up her school uniform. She’s proud to show it off to strangers. Yor wants to be like a real mother to Anya. So they stop by the grocery store to buy ingredients for dinner. 

While there, a bunch of idiot hoodlums think Anya is an easy target for a kidnapping. They know Eden Academy students are rich. This references what the seamstress warned about at the beginning of the ep.

The punks put their hands on Anya, and Yor goes full rage mode and beats the crap out of one of them. And warns the others to leave them alone or she’ll do worse. They run away.

Yor feels she’s failed at being a normal mom, but Anya thinks Yor is really cool for doing that. And asks Anya to train her to fight, so her mom doesn’t have to worry about her. Yor agrees. And they begin fight training at home.

A bit later, the Forgers attend the welcome ceremony at Eden Academy. Anya is assigned to her class, which happens to be led by Housemaster Henderson. Also, Loid was able to set it up so that Anya was in the same class as Desmond’s kid, Damian.

Right away, Anya uses her mind-reading to form relationships with a few of her classmates. She quickly becomes friends with a girl named Becky, and learns Damian is a cocky little scumbag. But she knows she has to befriend him for her dad’s mission.

Damian and his lackeys immediately start bullying Anya, but she does her best to be patient with him. That’s when she starts using her famous smug face. Yor taught her to play it cool when people start to be rude to her.  So she’s actually trying to be kind with that face, but it just pisses off Damian more.

Then, when Henderson isn’t looking, Anya socks the snot-nosed brat in the face as he continues to bully her. It’s a satisfying punch, but he cries to Henderson when that happens. Anya explains she was riled up when they were mean to her new friend, Becky. Henderson actually thinks she’s behaved very elegantly, but he still has to punish her.

Henderson speaks to Yor and Loid afterward, and says he had to give Anya a Tonito. He was actually supposed to give her 3 Tonito’s, so this is his compromise.  Still, it’s a bad start for Anya. Her relationship with the target’s son is already horrible!

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