Spy x Family - Episode 7 Review - Anya Apologizes to Damian

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Warning. Spoilers ahead.

Following Spy x Family - Episode 6, this ep begins with Loid Forger making breakfast for Yor and Anya. He goes over how the mission isn’t going well, but he hasn’t given up hope. Both Yor and Anya feel bad about what happened in the previous ep, but Loid says it’s okay. Dwelling on the past isn’t helpful. But he does tell Anya that she should apologize to Damian today. And Anya is determined to do so.

Anya goes to school and sees Becky dropped off in a nice car. They run into Damian and his two ugly minions. Anya tries to apologize then, but it’s hard for her to say it. Becky grabs her and stops her from apologizing.

In class, all the kids whisper to each other how they don’t like Anya and think she’s a barbarian for punching Damian. They don’t even want to sit next to her. At least Anya has Becky by her side.

When they leave their first period, Anya tells Becky she has to apologize to Damian for peace. Becky doesn’t understand and says she doesn’t have to. Loid is actually hanging around the school in disguise to make sure Anya apologizes properly. Because of her mind-reading, Anya’s able to spot him there.

What happens next is a series of moments throughout the day where Loid sends hidden spy messages to Anya to influence her to apologize. 

During lunch, Anya sits with Becky. Again, Becky tries to stop Anya from apologizing to Damian, because she feels they’re the ones at fault. Which is true. But Loid sees Becky as someone messing up the success of the mission.

So Loid uses the intercom to lure Becky away from the cafeteria. With Becky gone, Anya is now free to apologize to Damian.

She goes up and tries to apologize, but the two ugly minions start thinking mean thoughts about Anya, which Anya can hear. Things like calling her a raccoon-face and having stubby legs. Anya starts crying from the mean words, and Damian takes it as real remorse for punching him. Seems Damian has actually fallen for Anya because she’s the first person to ever stand up to him. This isn’t too surprising. It’s one of the common outcomes in anime comedies.

Anyways, he gets confused about his feelings, says he’ll never forgive her, and runs away, embarrassed. Loid sees this happen and feels defeated. He figures there’s no way Anya and Damian will become close friends now, so there’s no way Damian will invite Anya to the Desmond house. Meaning Loid won’t be able to spy on Donovan now.

So Loid refocuses on Plan A, turning Anya into an Imperial Scholar. That means Anya has to do really well academically.

At home, Loid is hard on Anya’s studies. Even threatening to take away her favore spy anime show if she doesn’t start doing well. All of Loid’s thoughts are too much pressure on Anya. And Yor’s thoughts are too weird and dark. So Anya runs to her room and closes the door. Alone, she feels bad, remembering she promised Loid that she would do her best to be a good student, after the castle adventure.

Loid almost pushes again, but Yor tells him it’s probably best not to at this time. And she tells the story about how her little brother, Yuri, loved learning because he enjoyed being praised by Yor. So she recommends that Loid do the same for Anya. Loid then realizes that he needs to play the part of the ideal father better. 

He decides to be kinder with Anya’s tutoring. But Anya has fallen asleep at her desk, trying to study on her own. It’s adorable, like everything else Anya does in this anime.

Later, we see Yuri. He’s shocked to learn his sister got married and didn’t tell him!

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