Spy x Family - Episode 8 Review - Yuri Questions Loid's and Yor's Marriage

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Spy x Family - Episode 7, Anya is studying in school. And she’s doing poorly. Weird, since she can read minds.

Meanwhile, Sylvia Sherwood meets with Twilight. Loid is terrible at lying to Sylvia. He’s obviously worried that Anya will not get enough Stella’s in time. Sylvia reports that one of their informants has been captured by the enemy.

The scene cuts to Yor’s office, where the informant/spy is being arrested. Yor then has a chat with her coworkers. Yor realizes she forgot to tell her little brother, Yuri Briar,  that she got married!

Speaking of which, we see Yuri. Who is secretly part of the Secret Police for the East. He is a skilled interrogator. We see him interrogating the spy from Yor’s office, coincidentally. Yuri is actually hunting for Twilight. Small world. Yuri loves his sister so much, his motivation for being part of the Secret Police and doing cruel things is to protect his country, and especially his sister who lives in it.

Back at the Forger house, Loid notices that Anya seems to learn and focus better when she can relate it to the anime she loves, Bondman. Then Yor comes in panicking and says that her brother is coming over for dinner!

So the Forger family has to convince Yuri that their fake marriage is real. Loid has prepared for this situation.

But as Yuri walks to their home, he wonders why his sister would not mention her marriage for a whole year. He theorizes that maybe the guy his sister married is a horrible man, and she didn’t feel safe to tell him. So now Yuri secretly goes into interrogator mode to find out if his suspicions are true.

Anya wanted to meet her new Uncle Yuri, but Yuri came late. Anya couldn’t stay up and had to go to bed.

Yuri finally arrives. He gives his sister a ridiculously huge bouquet of red roses to congratulate his sister. But he immediately starts being rude to Loid. Because he’s overprotective of his sister and jealous of Loid.

Yuri comes right out and asks Yor why she never told him she got married. Yor simply replies that she forgot, and then forgot that she forgot to tell him. Yuri loves his sister so much that  he falls for that answer!

The three have dinner. Yuri expects Loid to be terrible at cooking, but is angered to find out Loid is a great cook. Then his interrogation begins. Loid actually picks up on his interrogation techniques. Yuri seems too much like an officer to Loid.

So Loid tests Yuri by finding out where the wine came from. Yuri’s story is a standard fake story made by Secret Police operatives. It’s enough proof for Loid about what Yuri’s real job is.

Yuri gets too drunk and emotional trying to verify his suspicions about Loid. He gives Loid the condescending nickname “Loidy.” 

Then Yuri gets triggered and proclaims that he doesn’t acknowledge their marriage. Because his sister was always working hard to take care of him growing up, so he loves her and wants to protect her. He can’t accept a guy who came out of nowhere, and demands that Yor and Loid prove their love with a kiss! 

So Loid goes in to kiss Yor, but the ep ends before it happens!

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