“STAR WARS: Visions” the key visual with “key characters” from 9 movies has arrived

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“STAR WARS: VISIONS”, the collection of 9 short stories produced by 7 animation studios, will be exclusively streamed on Disney+ from September 22, 2021. The key visual that gathered “key characters” from all 9 works has arrived.

“STAR WARS: VISIONS” is the new project where Japanese animation studios produce new “STAR WARS” series. A total of 9 new stories, with unique visions of each anime studio, will be streamed from Japan to the world.

The key visual released this time depicts the key character from each of the 9 stories. From “The Duel” from Kamikaze Doga, the character “Ronin”, the character who looks as if he just jumped out from movie produced by Kurosawa with a red laser blade in his hand, and his partner droid “R5-D56”. From “The Village Bride” by CINEMA CITRUS, a blond girl with red hairpin called “Haru” and “Van” with the mask appeared.

From “T0-B1” from Science SARU, a droid in cute boy form called “T0-B1" and “Masago”, a green-eyed villain from “Akakiri” have arrived. From “Lop and Ocho” from Geno Studio, the girl with cute bunny tride called “Lop” and the twin-headed orange droid “TD-4” have come.

From “Tatooine Rhapsody” by Studio Colorido, Boba Fett, the popular character who appeared in the previous “STAR WARS” movies, has arrived. “Karre”, the short-haired character with a laser blade and the character with the red mask form “THE TWINS” by Trigger appeared on the visual.

“Dan”, the character from “The Elder”, looks as if he also appeared in the main flow of “STAR WARS” series.

Finally, from “The Ninth Jedi” by Production I.G, the noble character with a blue laser blade called “Juro” is drawn.

Director Mizusaki Junpei from Kamikaze Doga commented about his overflowing love for “STAR WARS” by saying, “When I was an elementary school student, I first watched “STAR WARS Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back” with my father, and it affected my perspective toward creation strongly. The fight between Dath Mall and Qui-Gon Jin and the expression of the final battle of Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker above the lava was so wonderful that I took it in with change into ‘The Duel’“.

Director Kamiyama from Production I.G commented, “This is especially about my generation, that the works made by Japanese is becoming the part of STAR WARS series, and we have strong happiness toward the fact. I am moved that now Japanese people get the opportunities to produce what they believe their ‘STAR WARS’ movies are”.

Moreover, Director Haga of “The Village Bride” commented, “Anakin and Amidala had a sad wedding, which leads to the worse consequence from the view of those who know the ending, and they will resist against the rules with no blessing. Through ‘wedding’, the ‘celebration’ for which there are many styles even within Japan, I hoped I could depict traditions and culture of a planet”. He revealed that he has taken in Japanese culture and trends into the episode.

The expectation rises toward new “STAR WARS” series that are produced by leading creators of the Japanese animation industry.

“STAR WARS: VISIONS” will be exclusively streamed in Disney+ from 4:00PM on September 22, 2021.

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