Sega’s legendary game “Shenmue” has got an anime adaptation in 2022! The key visual depicts the fight with the fated rival has been revealed

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Sega's adventure action game, "Shenmue" has gotten an anime adaptation under the title of "Shenmue the Animation" and it will be released in 2022. Under direction by director Sakurai Chikara, known for "One Punch Man (Season 2) and "Magimoji Rurumo", the animation production is handled by Telecom Animation Film, known for "Lupin the Third Part 5" and "Tower of God".

"Shenmue" is an adventure action game developed by Sega for the home video game console Dreamcast in 1999. Due to the faithful recreation of Yokosuka in the nostalgic Showa era and the high freedom in movement, it was known as a ground-breaking game at that time. In order to create the realistic world setting, polygon was created for the characters and background, and the "Motion Capture" that captures the human movement as it is was used. Other than the recreation of the realistic and natural "movement", it also has the "Time Control" and "Magic Weather" systems that realize the change in the time and weather in the game.

The anime adaptation of the game, called "Shenmue the Animation" was announced for 2022. The key visual has depicted the main protagonist and young man Hazuki Ryo exchanging fists with his fated rival Lan Di, and it gives off the tremendous premonition on the fierce fistfight of the two.

Also, the key visual was released in advance at "New York Comic Con 2021" that was held in New York, America. Along with the latest trailer, the conversation among the original creator Suzuki Yuu, director Sakurai Chikara, producer Kiyozono Yuu, and Joseph Chow was held online, and it had hyped up the audience.

Do look forward to the new world setting of "Shenmue" such as the charming characters, magnificent story filled with mysteries, and the tremendous action scenes, which will be expressed in the anime.


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