Novel “Kijin Gentoushou” Anime Project in Process! Manga Adaptation Released & Yashiro Taku for the Narrator of the Trailer

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Vol.1 of the novel "Kijin Gentoushou" has been released on September 9. Together, a trailer with Yashiro Taku as the narrator and information about the anime project have been announced.

This is a novel by Nakanishi Motoo depicting a 170-year long story of "Oni" and "Human". Set in the Edo period, the story begins with a priestess called "Itsuki Hime" and her young bodyguard Jinta, encountering a mysterious Oni that speaks of the far future in the forest.

The series has over 230,000 copies published in total. The paperbacks "Kadono-hen Minawa no Hibi" and "Edo-hen Koufuku no Niwa" are published from Futabasha. Vol.1 of the manga adaptation by Satomi Yuu was released on September 9.

Together with the release, a trailer of the manga has been released on the official YouTUbe channel of Futabasha. The narrator of the trailer is Yashiro Taku, the voice actor of Vulcan from "Fire Force" and Gugu from "To Your Eternity". The anime project is also announced at the end of the trailer. Further information will be announced on the official Twitter and official website. Let's look forward to their release.

Vol.1 of the novel "Kijin Gentoushou" is in nationwide bookstores from September 9.

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