Takt Op. Destiny - Episode 10 Review - Takt and Lenny Team Up Against Sagan

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

This episode follows Takt Op. Destiny - Episode 9. It begins with a flashback of Lenny watching Kenji Asahina conduct for the first time. It was beautiful and inspiring. Lenny wanted to be the light to someone else, just as Kenji was to him. 

Back to the present, Lenny and Titan are enjoying a delicious breakfast. They say how they will keep the promise they made to one another. But what promise?

Elsewhere, Takt and Destiny are leaving Anna’s home. Anna tells them to say hi to Lenny for her, as the two are going to meet up with him in Central Park. Anna says that Lenny is like Takt’s mentor. But Takt gets embarrassed and tries to deflect that.

In Central Park, Lenny and Titan meet Destiny and Takt. Lenny teases them for being on a date yesterday. But the jokes end quickly. They get down to business. Lenny wants to tell Takt about the disaster in Boston where his father died.

But the four are interrupted by the surprise arrival of Sagan, Heaven and Hell. With red flags (death flags) going up in the last ep for Lenny, this is hardly a real surprise.

Sagan is quite calm, saying he’s happy to finally meet Takt. Lenny is on guard, and Takt takes the hint that Sagan is not a good guy. Lenny tells Takt that Sagan is behind everything. Behind the new D2 attacks where the D2s are being led by a tuning fork. The mastermind behind Schindler’s schemes.

Sagan asks Lenny to remain his friend. But Lenny declines, for obvious reasons. So of course, they must battle!

Hell mostly fights Destiny. Titan keeps Heaven from double-teaming against Destiny.

In a flashback, we see Lenny becoming Kenji’s pupil. The D2 attacks were becoming frequent. Lenny was worried and asked Kenji not to go on with the concert. But Kenji said he had to, to keep people’s hope alive. Ummm that’s incredibly reckless and foolish in my opinion. But as you may have guessed, D2s came and killed people, including Kenji. Because Sagan controlled the D2s to attack the concert. At the time, Lenny didn’t know this. And instead trusted Sagan and took up his offer to become a Conductor. That’s when he paired up with Titan. And the two grew close during the war. The promise was that they’d always smile when the other was down. Something like that.

Anyways, I really hate these origin stories coming so late in the series. As some kind of twist or motivation to be added to the climax. It’s too late. I don’t care enough about Lenny.

In the present, Destiny gets serious fighting. And it costs too much juice for Takt, who falls over from pain. Destiny transforms back to casual mode. Takt is about to be shot dead by Heaven, but Lenny gets in the way just in time.

Lenny powers up Titan to blast Heaven away and win the fight. Sagan retreats, but Lenny unfortunately dies.

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