Takt Op. Destiny - Episode 9 Review - Takt, Anna, and Destiny Finally Reach New York City

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Warning: spoilers ahead.

Following Takt Op. Destiny - Episode 8, we have what felt like a slow episode. Probably because it was so peaceful.

It begins with Lenny talking to someone over the phone, but we don’t know who. Titan says she vows to protect everyone including Takt and Destiny. Red flag warning.

Takt, Destiny and Anna finally make it to New York City. It’s bustling with life. It’s been untouched by the D2s. But Takt notes that the city isn’t completely untouched - as music can’t exist there, just like everywhere else.

The three arrive at the home of Anna’s sister and parents. Her sister’s name is Lotte. She’s a scientist at the Symphonica.

Even though this is the first time meeting Destiny, the three embrace her. I mean, she did use to be Cosette, after all. Anna must have kept them updated all this time they were on their journey.

Back to the matter that brought them there. They want to tune Destiny. And find a way so she doesn’t continue consuming Takt’s life force.

They go to Symphonica, which is this huge awesome looking place. We see other Musicarts make brief cameo appearances.

Destiny reveals to Anna that the anomaly on Takt’s arm has been growing. So that needs to be examined as well.

Lotte runs tests on both of them, then they hear their diagnosis. The news isn’t good. Besides Destiny’s Musicart abilities consuming Takt’s life force, Takt is getting feedback from Destiny. That’s why his arm looks weird, and why he himself can fight like a Musicart. The two are consuming each other. If they keep fighting, they’ll die. If they stop fighting, they’ll at least live longer. The current technology has no way to fix them.

The next day, Takt goes back to trying to compose his music. The three girls drag him out of his room. Lotte is going to take them around the city to eat sweets. Basically, Takt gets to go on a date with three cute girls.

They have a great time, but then Anna comes up with an excuse to let Takt and Destiny have alone time together in Central Park.

They stumble upon the John Lennon memorial. They don’t give his name, but it’s obvious. They start talking about how he’s still beloved, meaning music is still beloved in the city.

Destiny confesses she wants to hear an orchestra many times in the future. And Takt wants to as well. So they promise to fight, and defeat all D2s, so they can do so. Instead of choosing to fight or stay alive, they think they can have it both.

Heaven chats with Lotte and has a creepy look in her eyes. Destiny hears the tuning fork, meaning D2s coming.

Later, Lenny calls to warn them to leave NYC. But Takt says they’ll stay and fight. So Lenny says he’ll reveal the secret behind the disaster in Boston, where his father died.

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