Takt Op. Destiny - Episode 8 Review - Takt and Anna Accept Destiny

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Continuing right after Takt Op. Destiny - Episode 7, Takt believes he just learned the person responsible for Cosette’s death - Schindler. Takt has a crazy look in his eye. He vows to kill Schindler.

Takt activates his baton somehow and comes rushing at Schindler. His speed is inhuman. He’s moving like a MusicArt! Even Schindler has never seen a human do this before.

Hell defends Schindler and blows Takt away. But Takt is consumed with rage. He gets right back up to go after Schindler again! Hell fires projectiles at Takt. Destiny does her best to defend his body, but one hit gets through, causing Takt to fall again. Destiny carries his body and retreats from the battle.

Back on the road Anna senses something is wrong with the two of them. She wants to go out into the forest to them, but the police officers hold her back. Then Lenny and Titan show up and talk to her.

Meanwhile, Destiny has transformed into normal clothes and takes Takt into a cave. He’s weak and sick with a fever. He hallucinates and talks to Destiny as if she was Cosette. Destiny allows it. She vows never to leave his side.

Hell and Schindler wait in a cabin for morning. She hums, and he says something stupid like music is a garbage. He says he’ll soon be known as the hero of the world. Such a generic villain. 

Takt wakes up in the cave, back to his senses. Destiny says she doesn’t want him to die. That he still has Hto compose his song. But finally, Takt admits that he can’t write. The one he wants to hear his music, Cosette, is gone forever. She was the one who helped him reach out, communicate with others. So writing a song without her around is pointless. But Destiny says he should still make his song. That people need it.

In the motel, Lenny shares with Anna that D2s are being controlled by Symphonica to hurt people. She’s worried about Talk and Destiny… and admits that she’s run from the fact that Cosette is gone.

The next morning, Destiny goes to confront Schindler and Hell with a couple axes, as Takt is still weak and she can’t activate her Muscicart buff.

Hell and Destiny fight. But Destiny is clearly outmatched by Hell. 

Destiny gets knocked around. Takt wakes up and realizes she left to fight without him. They meet up and he scolds her. The two argue for a bit.

Lenny and Titan also show up. They keep Schindler and Hell busy while Takt and Destiny have a heart-to-heart.

Takt says he will make his song. Because people need it. He finally calls her Destiny.

Destiny transforms and she battles Hell again, evenly matched. Hell even gets damaged. 

But the fight is stopped by Heaven. Heaven announces that Schindler is no longer Head Commander after disobeying orders.
Takt and Destiny meet up with Anna. And Anna apologizes for not recognizing Destiny as a person.

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