Takt Op. Destiny - Episode 7 Review - Schindler Reveals His Evil Ways

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Takt Op. Destiny - Episode 6, Takt, Anna and Cosette (Destiny) drive through a town that has recently been destroyed by D2s. 

The scene cuts to Schindler and Hell. Schindler refuses to listen to some Symphonica officer’s request for aid. Secretly, he says to hell how they shouldn’t waste their resources on the weak who only take government aid. That these people are “garbage.”

Schindler gets summoned by the man we see briefly at the end of Ep 6. It is Grand Maestro Sagan, who outranks Schindler as the Head Commander. Sagan orders Schindler to leave Takt alone. He’s aware that Schindler wants to arrest him. Schindler protests, but Sagan doesn’t listen. Sagan replies that they’ll need Takt as an ally later on. And that Schindler isn’t good enough. This makes me like Sagan, but something still seems shady about him… Anyways, when Schindler’s alone again he punches a wall. He’s salty with jealousy and wants to take down Takt even more now.

Back to Anna’s group - they learn from a police officer that the towns have been attacked recently and many people have lost their homes.

They stay at a motel where Anna and Destiny confront Takt about him acting strange. He seems out of it. Takt confesses that he’s composing a song, inspired by the jazz cafe guys in the last ep who said his father’s music lives on in him. It’s his first song ever. And he’s a bit embarrassed to talk about it.

He’s really having trouble composing, unsure what to make. A little while later, Anna stops by and gives Takt a melodica to help him compose. It’s not a piano, but it’s better than nothing. Takt accepts it.

Later, Takt takes a break. He remembers his father, Kenji Asahina, gave him advice as a child. When composing, he should think about who he wants to hear the song.

Takt snaps out of his daydream and notices Destiny with groceries. Takt follows and sees that Destiny is bringing goods to a mother and her baby.

Anna notices Takt watching Destiny. They talk about how Destiny has been growing through their travel. Destiny was the one who found the melodica. Anna wonders if Cosette is still alive in Destiny…

The scene cuts to our old pals Lenny and Titan. He’s on the phone with someone unknown.

Later, Takt speaks privately with Destiny the next day. Destiny asks what Cosette was like. It’s too painful for Takt to talk about.

D2s show up nearby. Takt and Destiny trace them to the mountains where Schindler and Hell are. They’re controlling the D2s! They’ve been using D2s to kill people off that Schindler feels are garbage, but he calls himself a hero. What a scumbag.

Takt feels Cosette died because of him. Now he’s ready to kill Schindler.

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