Takt Op. Destiny - Episode 6 Review - Anna, Takt, and Cosette Make It to New Orleans

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Takt Op. Destiny - Episode 5, we get another episodic episode. Anna, Takt, and Cosette (Destiny) make it to New Orleans. It’s completely rundown. I guess I should have expected that instead of the jovial jazz town like it is IRL.

Takt is also disappointed by the dismal New Orleans because he doesn’t hear any music there. Cosette makes a joke, which surprises Takt. She seems to be evolving every day. But her roasting of Takt continues to be on point from the moment she first manifested, so I don’t know what he’s surprised about. I guess because it’s not meant to be roasting? Whatever.

Takt stays in the car to guard it while Anna and Cosette go to buy groceries. They meet an old man who’s happy to see younger people, as the town is just made of oldies. He hurts his back, which starts the girls on a whole day of spending time with various old people.

First, it’s an old woman who needs a milk delivery. Then her porch breaks when Anna steps on it. Cosette wants to learn how to hammer the porch to fix it, but she makes it worse. Then another old woman has a cat that’s stuck on a roof. This is one I’m sure Cosette was able to help with, thanks to her acrobatics and speed.

Finally done there, the two girls start walking back to the car. Only to be stopped by another grandma. This grandma is convinced Anna is her daughter coming home to visit after forever. You already know her daughter is probably dead. And the husband comes home to explain that. He’s grateful Anna and Cosette came to spend time with her. And Cosette is grateful for the lemon cake the grandma feeds her.

Meanwhile, Takt notices a radio playing. He follows the noise to an underground cafe/bar, where old dudes are hanging out. He notices a CD by his father, Kenji Asahina, on the shelf there. And it starts a conversation where the bartender totally nerds out about how great Kenji was. How he played at Rhapsody of Blue right in New Orleans. 

Then Takt reveals he’s his son. And everyone in the bar is shook. But one guy specifically. A tubist named Joe who got to play for Kenji. It was the greatest moment of his life.

And fortunately, they have a piano in a soundproof room at the bar. And Takt is able to play to his heart’s content there, and entertain the bar’s customers. Joe feels Kenji’s music lives on through his son.

I expected a D2 battle to come and ruin things all throughout the episode. But for once, it never happened.

We get a brief moment meeting another Conductor and Musicart, but their names aren’t revealed. They got a report from Schindler and Hell. We know those two are shady, so who knows about these two. Maybe they’re bad as well.

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