Takt Op. Destiny - Episode 5 Review - Takt and Cosette Meet Walkure

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Takt Op. Destiny - Episode 4, a new Conductor and Musicart are introduced, named Commander Felix Schindler and Hell, respectively. And you get the feeling that they’re not really good people. Schindler is one of the highest ranked in the Symphonica, and he’s gotten a report on Takt and Cosette because they’re unregistered.

Elsewhere, Takt, Anna, and Cosette (Destiny) continue on their journey. Cosette is drawn to killing another D2, and when she does, she puts herself right in front of Schindler’s train. Another Musicart protecting the train comes out to confront Destiny. Her name is Walkure. I love her sword and shield design.

Schindler introduces himself and offers Takt’s group a ride to Houston, the train’s destination. It’s on the way to the trio’s next destination - New Orleans. So they accept the lift, but Takt can already tell these are not good people.

While conversing on the train, Schindler tries to weasel some info out of them. And he calls Musicarts weapons/tools, which doesn’t sit well with Anna (or Takt).

Walkure tells Takt’s group that she doesn’t trust them. She’s the tough type, hiding a sweet side. I guess she’s a tsundere?

Anyways, an group of flying D2s attacks the train while it’s moving. As usual, Cosette blows through a window to get to them. Walkure is impressed with how good Cosette is at killing D2s. And she’s curious about the dynamic between Cosette and Takt. 

But then Cosette accidentally destroys the track in front of them when killing a D2. This stops the train. The staff makes repairs, making the train a sitting duck for another D2 attack. 

Takt, Cosette, and Walkure work together to destroy all those D2s as well. But Takt starts to grow weaker as Cosette uses too much energy. Walkure is again surprised that such a selfless Conductor exists. And she herself is growing weak fast, as she’s not bonded to any Conductor. When Takt compliments her name, she gets embarrassed. That’s the dere in tsundere!

One final, massive D2 remains. Hell requests to kill it herself, and she does so easily. She’s the kind to have an orgasm from killing her enemies.

The train makes it to Houston. The Black Night Siderite they were hauling was supposed to go on to Boston, but for some reason, Schindler says they’re no longer taking it there. That will probably come up later in the series.

Schindler thinks he can make Takt and Cosette his lapdogs by bribing Takt with a high position in the Symphonica. Takt refuses immediately. And they take off in their car for New Orleans as planned. I’m glad they got away from that jerk. But we’re definitely gonna run into him again in the future.

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