Takt Op. Destiny - Episode 4 Review - Lenny and Titan Say Goodbye to Takt

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Takt Op. Destiny Episode 3, Takt, Destiny, Anna, Titan and Lenny are in the desert. Lenny is teaching Takt the basics of a Conductor and Musicart. They’re taking down D2’s as they find them.

Takt is still struggling with Cosette exceeding her energy usage. Takt complains to Lenny that it’s hard for him to learn how to do this stuff so suddenly, but Lenny replies that he has no choice but to learn the ropes quickly. Lenny also says it’s a Conductor’s job to find harmony with his Musicart. To guide them to make music. Or something.

A guy driving on the road stops by. It’s someone named Jonathan, a friend of Lenny’s. He invites Lenny and company to check out the farm he works at, in Las Vegas nearby.

They go to Vegas, where Jonathan explains that the city was destroyed by the D2s. So the locals started farms there. I find it hard to believe that they could get much successful farming done in the desert that is Vegas. But okay.

Jonathan introduces his girlfriend Maggie to Takt’s group, who Lenny and Titan are also familiar with. 

A Mr. Lang takes notice of the group. He’s the owner of the field, and he’s surrounded by security guards. He’s always smiling. You get a bad feeling about this dude right off the bat. Unsurprisingly, he’s revealed to be a bad guy later in the ep.

But anyways. Jonathan and Maggie invite Lenny’s group to dinner at their home. They have a nice meal. 

Takt realizes that Jonathan and Maggie are unaware of the D2s nearby. Lenny says it’s the Symphonica’s job to make sure people can hope again, after they went through so much Disaster with the D2s years before. Conductors and Musicarts have to stop the chaos from returning.

Lenny and Titan secretly visit Lang later that night. They show off their money and say they want to play at the secret casino Lang has set up. Lenny and Titan are just pretending. This is really a bust, as the casino is running on the farm money that Mr. Lang is stealing for himself. Or something.

Cosette hears vibrations where the casino is at. She, Takt and Anna follow the vibes, and cause a ruckus at the casino.

There’s music playing at the casino, so it kind of doesn’t make sense that D2s decide to attack and break through the casino’s floor only now. Why had they never done so before Takt showed up? Whatever. 
Takt shows off what he’s learned from watching Lenny. He and Destiny are able to defeat the D2s within Lenny’s parameters. And Lang is busted, as Lenny and Titan have gathered enough evidence against him.

This is where Lenny and Titan part ways with Takt’s group.

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