Takt Op. Destiny - Episode 11 Review - Sagan Unleashes D2s on the Symphonica

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Takt Op. Destiny - Episode 10, this ep starts with Anna and Lotte speaking at the Symphonica HQ. Lotte explains that Takt will probably die in a month. So she wants to put him in cryo sleep, to give her time to cure him. Anna says she’ll do anything to help.

But that sweet moment ends when creepy, crazy Sagan uses his hidden vault of Black Night siderite. He stabs his hand through it, oddly easily. And that activates the siderite so that it grows wildly. We’re talking as big as a mountain, tearing through the entire Symphonica HQ! Wait! That’s where Lotte and Anna are! To make matters worse, out of the new siderite spikes hatches an army of D2s.

Takt wakes up in bed, still in pain and spent from the fight where Lenny sacrificed himself. The gross red mark covering his arm now covers part of his face, so you know he’s dying.

Takt learns about the siderite thing from the news, and then learns from Titan and Destiny that Lotte and Anna are there. So they go to the Symphonica to save them.

Back at the Symphonica, Anna and Lotte are still alive, but scientists and Symphonica staff are getting killed left and right by the D2s. They’re trying to find an escape route, but the siderite gets in the way. And it’s hard to take Lotte around because she’s in a wheelchair. They ditch the chair and Anna carries her, which of course takes a lot of strength, but she doesn’t give up. Unfortunately, a D2 finds them. When it looks like Anna’s about to die, Walkure swoops in and saves her!

Meanwhile, Takt, Titan and Destiny make it into an underground tunnel in the Symphonica. They all state their resolve to stop Sagan and end this. Finally their progress is stopped by tons of D2s. Finally, it uses too much of Talk’s energy and he faints. He gets up 5 minutes later, barely able to walk right, but he doesn’t give up.

They reunite with Walkure, Anna and Lotte just as Walkure is about to be overwhelmed by the D2s. With back-up at her side, Walkure gets a second wind. Takt conducts Destiny, Walkure and Titan to take out a large, powerful D2.

Now with a moment to breathe, Walkure states her confusion as to what’s going on and why Takt looks messed up. But Takt has no time or energy to explain. So Titan knocks her out with her shotgun to shut her up. That seemed too harsh to me. Anyways, Takt tells Titan to take Anna, Lotte and Walkure to safety.

Anna objects to Takt continuing, saying he could die. He knows but he wants to protect music, and the ones he loves. So she kisses him. Didn’t see that coming. She tells Destiny to bring him back alive, and Destiny promises to.

Destiny and Takt go to fight Sagan. They run into Heaven and Hell, who merge to form a powerful new Musicart called Orpheus!

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