That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - Episode 29 Review - Youm Tells Myulan That He Loves Her

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 29 follow.

This episode doesn't quite continue right where the previous episode left off. It actually starts with a bit of sweet fan service instead. As I predicted a couple of reviews ago, romantic sparks are now confirmed to have flown between Youm and Myulan

We don’t get to see it happen on screen, but Youm gets another beatdown from a training session with Hakurou. It was so bad that he was knocked out and Myulan gives him a lap pillow at the start of this ep! Dang you smooth, Youm! Well worth the beating! Youm does some pretty high level flirting with Myulan here, and I much prefer this than what happens with 9/10 male anime protagonists getting all flustered and awkward.

But Myulan’s affections prove to be a double-edged sword. She communicates telepathically with Lord Clayman, and we learn that he somehow owns her heart and can do whatever he wants with it. Myulan was already under his control when we first met her, but now Clayman offers to spare Youm if she continues to do what he commands. Oh, and off camera Myulan already gave Lord Clayman all the intel she learned about Tempest. She’s already betrayed their trust to help the enemy.

Speaking of enemies, King Falmuth’s forces make a move as well. Soldiers from his army approach Tempest, and the three annoying Otherworlders, Shogo, Kyoya, and Kirara, arrive in Tempest as well. Spoiler alert - they’re annoying! Kirara tries to stir up trouble with a mind control technique called Bewilder. I absolutely loved seeing it fall flat thanks to Shuna negating the effect. I hoped Shogo and Kyoya would be swatted down just as easily by Shion, but apparently they’re pretty tough combatants. Making matters worse, the mages of Falmuth put up a barrier around the town that’s draining Shion’s strength! I’m predicting that even with her strength drained, Shion will defeat these gross Otherworlders. I’m hoping that anyway.

Meanwhile, Myulan breaks out her majin form in front of Youm and Grucius. But despite this confession, Youm comforts Myulan and promises that he’ll always love her. It’s a touching moment, but because of this, Myulan decides to follow through with Clayman’s schemes. She puts a communication barrier up around town, meaning Rimuru can’t be contacted to save everyone! By the way, this may be the first episode where Rimuru didn’t appear at all. So you know things are bad.

And finally, the last shocker - apparently Milim is declaring war on Lord Carrion’s nation. We’re not told why and we don’t see her on screen. But all these things happening at once are really bad for our friends in Tempest. Peaceful times are certainly over.

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