That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - Episode 31 Review - Rimuru Spares Myulan

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 31 follow.

This episode continues right where the previous episode left off. Rimuru is in a tight pinch against Hinata. He’s struck by Dead End Rainbow but uses Gluttony in the last second to take her sword from her. 

Then Rimuru does something I didn’t expect. He transforms into a monster with the heads and body parts of several of the monsters he’s consumed in the past! It’s definitely not the cute version of Rimuru that we’re used to. While Rimuru is formidable in this form, he’s ultimately destroyed by Disintegration. It’s an attack where Hinata calls on the power of the spirits, summoning several magic circles. It wipes out Rimuru completely, making it a new consideration for all-time best isekai death blows.

Hinata leaves, believing she is the victor. But we all know that’s not the end of our beloved Rimuru, the main protagonist of the show that’s still ongoing. His slime form comes out of hiding. Apparently, right after he distracted Hinata with Ifrit in the previous ep, he created a doppelganger of himself to continue the fight while his real self hid. So that doppelganger was the one that turned into a strange beast and got disintegrated.

Now that Hinata is out of the picture (for now), Rimuru is able to let out Ranga. The two use spatial magic to teleport as close to Tempest as they can. Rimuru reunites with Souei, Gabiru and Soka first. We learn Souei is injured from trying to get through Tempest’s barrier unsuccessfully, but Vesta appears with a healing potion to cure him. 

The group goes to Tempest and Rimuru is able to get through the double barrier. Rimuru discovers the fallout of the Falmuth attack. After meeting with Rigurd and the dwarves, Rimuru sees an explosion nearby where Benimaru is. That’s when Rimuru finally meets Myulan, the demon who takes credit for this destruction. 

Youm and Grucius plead with Rimuru for her life. After learning so many of his goblin townspeople have been massacred, Rimuru almost loses his cool against Myulan. You can see it in his eyes. He spares her, which proves Rimuru is more patient and forgiving than I am. I would have at least punished Myulan with imprisonment. Instead, she gets a seat at the war council table.

Rimuru is apprised of the situation by his trusted leaders at the table. We learn Shuna is healing Hakurou and Gobta, thank goodness. No word on Shion, unfortunately. 

He finally understands why Falmuth attacked. This frustrates me. He’s been so clever this whole time building up his nation, yet he didn’t imagine that Tempest’s rise economically would make it a target by humans. He should have at least had evacuation protocols ready for the worst. But it’s a show that needs big fights and conflict, so I guess it was inevitable.

At the very end of the ep, Myulan reveals to Rimuru that the Demon Lord Clayman has been pulling all the strings.

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